October 4, 2010

Monday Inspiration # 39: Naval Nurse Corps.

(What up Monday Inspiration? Where'd you go?) When I was little we spent nearly every summer in Oregon on the coast. We were always gone over my birthday (I have lost count of how many birthdays were spent in roadside cafes (denny's was the preferred one!) eating chicken strips!). Being that I was homeschooled, school never ended. Every vacation was spent learning something. Well on the Oregon coast you can learn many things, such as tide pool science, Marine life, nature hiking, oceanography, and the history of lighthouses. The later being my favourite. I loved going to lighthouses! The ghost stories, the ancient, cold buildings, and more importantly the very romantic idea of living in a lighthouse, sewing and making clam chowder, while my fisherman/lightkeeper husband lived off the sea. Not much has changes in the last 20 years since I first stepped into a lighthouse. I still want that life. I've always had a strange affinity for sea life. Not beach life (there is a distiction). I don't like the tanning, binkini-ing, dude-ing, "beaching" things associated with the ocean (at least round these parts) but I absolutly love the idea of the angry, yet beautiful sea. The things that gives and takes lives, the sailing, fishing, dark, brooding, naval life (I was also highly influenced by the movie  The Eye of the Amarilis as a child. I know, nothing about me has actually changed since I was a kid.). I don't get seasick, sleep best on boats, think the idea of living on a ship is perfect, and have a love of seafood that my parents have no idea where it came from. I'd take a bowl of clam chowder and a fisherman's sweater anyday over So. Cal beaches. Seriously.

So naturally I have a slight love of the Navy. Not to mention I was born in a Navy town, and my Grandpa on my dad's side, and great-grandpa on my mom's side were both sailors. I like to think it's in my blood. This love of all things Naval greatly influences much of my life. Anything Nautical and I'm sold, mention boats and I will go. Recently I've been facinated in the Navy's part of WWII. More importantly the role women played durring the war. The Naval Nurse Corp.'s history is facinating!! I've decided to go as a Navy Nurse for Halloween (cape and all!!), and in my costume research I've found out much of the history of the Corps. and how awesome these women were. While I don't think I could ever be a nurse (the whole throwing up/passing out at blood is probably a hinderance), I love learning about what these women did as their part of the war effort, and how the built solid careers on this. and they did it stylishly.  Seriously, if nurses uniforms were this cute still, I might be able to get over the whole not liking blood thing.

Of course I can't leave this one out. Especially since a picture of it hangs on my bedroom wall!

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