October 5, 2010

Miss Ashley Takes Pictures (Working Title)

I need a new photo spot.

I need a new photo spot

Ext- white brick wall in allyway used commonly for taking outfit photos.

ASHLEY is setting up tripod and attaching camera. SECURITY GUARD is locking up dumpster gate, right. SECURITY GUARD stops and stares. ASHLEY minds her own business, but is aware of SECURITY GUARD's presence.

SECURITY GUARD continues to stare uncomfortably at ASHLEY. ASHLEY has had enough, makes eye contact and shakes her head as if to say, "I am not blind and can see you watching me jerk, go away."

SECURITY GUARD: (laughs mockingly) So why you takin' a picture of the wall?
ASHLEY: (rolls eyes, annoyed, she speaks more harshly than intended) I'm not taking pictures of the wall.
SECURITY GUARD: (disbelievingly) So whatch you takin' pictures of then?
ASHLEY: (even more annoyed that he asked the inevitable question) Of... Myself. I'm taking pictures of myself. Okay?
SECURITY GUARD: (In shock and bewilderment) Why?!
ASHLEY: Because. I run a fashion blog. I take pictures of the clothes I wear. I post them on the Internet. It's not weird.
SECURITY GUARD: (with one eyebrow cocked mockingly) I didn't say it was weird.
ASHLEY: (exasperated) Well it's not. Goodbye. (waits, arms folded until SECURITY GUARD gets the hint and leaves.)

I need a new photo spot

I need a new photo spot

I need a new photo spot

Montage as ASHLEY proceeds to take 3 pictures. Time laps is 2-3 mins. Enter left ED HARDY BLONDE who once upon a time brought a gaggle of people out to watch, laugh and point at ASHLEY while she took photos months ago. ED HARDY BLONDE and friends did this in full view of ASHLEY.

ASHLEY stops self timer and waits as ED HARDY BLONDE walks to dumpster. As ED HARDY BLONDE reaches ASHLEY, she stops carrying trash bag.

ED HARDY BLONDE: (looking mockingly smug.) Okay we've got to know why you take photos of the wall.
ASHLEY: (incredibly annoyed because now it is starting to mist and she does not want her camera rained on) No you really don't, and I don't take photos of the wall. (waits for inevitable next question.)
ED HARDY BLONDE: (cocks one eyebrow) then what do you take pictures of?
ASHLEY: (wishing it were socially acceptable to punch bitchy people in the face) Of me. Okay. I run a fashion blog. There are alot of other people who do. People who actually dress well. We take pictures of ourselves in our clothes, and we post them on the internet, listing where each item came from. It's fun, and has a really wonderfully accepting community of other people who actually dress well. No one mocks us for it, and we all like each other. We all comment on each other's outfits, saying what we like  about it, getting ideas for our own outfits, and being nice. That's what I am doing. Does this answer your question?
ED HARDY BLONDE: (realizing that she should just shut up and mind her own business) Oh. we thought maybe you were taking pictures of the growth around here or something.
ASHLEY: (Disbelievingly and a little bit pissed off that it's taking her twice as long to take photos) While I stand in front of the camera?
ED HARDY BLONDE:  Oh. Yeah. Well have fun.
ASHLEY: (folds arms and snaps gum) Thank, I will.

ED HARDY BLONDE leaves shaking head as ASHLEY goes back to the photo taking. ASHLEY then notices SECURITY GUARD standing around the corner watching her and laughing.

ASHLEY smacks forehead and sighs.

This would be alot funnier in a movie than it was in real life.

Shoes- Thrifted
Stockings- Sock Dreams
Dress- Vintage, Rob's Vintique
Belt- Torrid years ago
Pin- Gift from parents from Ellis Island, NY
Earrings- Made by me
Bow- Lulu Letty on Etsy
Neacklace- Chinatown, San Francisco

In other news I got interviewed for the local paper last night when I went swing dancing. The lady who interviewed me was shocked by the fact that I wore vintage every day, and loved all things 40's. It kind of cracked me up. She took my picture (with a few others who had dressed up) too. In other exciting Swing Dancing news, my boob got fondelled by a creeper who was supposedly trying to ask me to dance. I was mid conversation with my friend Hannah, who was looking a little alarmed suddenly, and then out of nowhere, there was an arm across  my chest and a hand on my left boob. I said hello to the hand, then found it's owner was a guy I'd danced with durring the lesson. Who had no idea waht he was doing, but there was a spin. And I ran into alot of people. So I taught him how to do West Coast Basic (which even I can do and not mess up), which we did for a few seconds, then I gave up and just kept apologizing to everyone I was swung into. He was also that creep who made eye contact the whole time. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt because it was his first time, but seriously the guy was a creep. There was even attempted eyebrow communicationis part. It was pretty much the most uncomfortable moment of my life. I hid from him the rest of the night. But still managed to have a really good time, despite my personal space being violated...But I did lose my bow. I just remembered this.




  1. Jikes! I hope that creep didn't find your bow and keeps it as a souvenir! And I was so anoyyed at those jerks that kept bugging you on why you take pictures! How rude of them, I guess that's th main reason I rarely take pictures outside, some people don't understand it. You look great, I love that dress and that's my favorite hairstyle for you, you just look so womanly and beautiful.

  2. Had to come and say something about the hosiery... those are FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you... you look like a classic nurse in white... You look so nurturing and beautiful

    Diva in Deep Thought

  3. great look - love the panties!

  4. I love this look - you look like an off duty WWII nurse - so classy! I'm really glad you stood up and told that girl what you do - go fashion bloggers!

    - Sarah