October 8, 2010

Weather Rant

This past week we had some lovely weather. A few days of rain, a few days of cool sunshine, but this weekend it's supposed to be back in the 90's. I'm seriously getting tired of this yo-yoing weather, and especially tired of the horrible high temps. It's October for Pete's sake! I want to go do Fall things and I want to pack away my summer clothes and unpack my winter clothes (which are a wool cardigan and a few scarves). I want cozy cold days spent looking out the window, drinking coffee, and reading. It's times like these that I really miss those 3 weeks of marvellous weather I got to enjoy six years ago (which makes me feel incredibly old). I'd give just about anything for a few days of that bloody British weather right about now...

Bunratty Castle


First View of Ireland


CLiffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Trafalgar Square Fountain

Big Ben

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