November 2, 2010



Friday morning I decided my original plan was not going to work so I bought a wig to go along with my new costume plan. I think I look eerily like Hannah Montana (which was not the backup costume). As it turned out I woke up Saturday determined to go with the original plan even though I still hadn't drafted the pattern for the skirt.... But plow through I did, and I am so, so, so, so very happy with the end result!





My hair came out great too! I set it specifically to fit with the cap, which I also made! This was actually very simple! I had done a lot of research on the caps and found a picture of one laying flat and based mine after that. It was basically a square cut diagonally at the corners of one side. I folded the corners in, trimmed them and stitched them down. The real deal uses buttons to attach the ends together, but I sewed on some snaps instead. Then I cut the top flap/peak part and stitched that to the main body. The velvet and gold trim I hot glued for time's sake. After that all I had to do was finish the edged and voila! Nurse's cap! I may end up doing a tutorial (since NONE EXIST!) at some point if y'all are interested!


The skirt is a tad too big (the pattern still needs adjusting), but otherwise it is perfect! Maaaaybe not quite so accurate, but people got it and were very impressed with the fact that I made it! So it was pretty exciting!! The blouse by the way was a way too big for me Men's dress shirt from Goodwill. I simply detached the sleeves, took in the sides and yoke, trimmed the collar, gathered the top of the sleeves, re-attached them, and voila! I was really afraid it was going to look dumb on, but once I put the whole thing together, I was in love! I forgot to photograph it, but my stockings are the back seamed ones I wore here. I also bought a set of these Naval Nurse Corp. lapel pins on Ebay and the Nurse's pin as well. My shoes are from a great old lady shoe store online called My Favorite Shoe Store. Trying to find WWII style nurse's shoes in a ladies size 10 is not fun. They do not exist. So these, while not perfect, are as close as I could find. They're actually a bit off white too, but I quickly got over that fact! So in the end I was really, really happy with it!

Naval Nurse Corps.

What did you dress up as??
By the way, Californians, remember to vote today!!!
Prop 19!!!


  1. Nice costume! I love the details. Glad you went with your own hair--it looks really chic.