December 20, 2010

The Cape. Again

I hope everyone's weekend was lovely! I spent mine sewing a million different things to the soundtrack of the heavily falling rain. It was delightful!


Hoodscarf- Knit by me!
Cape- H&M
Earrings- Vintage
Necklace- made by me!
Shirt, Skirt, Boots- Thrifted
Tights- Kmart
Mussy hair- c/o rainy, rainy weather!

Yep, that cape again. And I am not apologizing. Yes I am aware this is only a slight variation of my last outfit post. I do not care. I love it.  This blouse is one I scored on my last thrifting venture. I never find striped shirts that I actually like so I was ecstatic to find this one! By the way I have noticed somethings about cape-wearing:

  • People seem so much friendlier whilst I am wearing a cape. I cannot decide if it is because I am just a happier girl in a cape, or if people think I am a super hero. Either way, I like it.
  • There is a reason the shoulder bag was not invented until after the cape went out of vogue. They are nearly impossible to wear together.
  • I now understand long gloves.
  • They are incredibly multi-purpose items. Cold lap? You now have a blanket. You can also wear it backwards and pull your knees in and you have the original snuggie. And also it's not electric blue, so that's a bonus.

These are actually from Friday when I mailed off my gifts for my secret blogger (no I do not shop at QVC, but my grandmother does. Incidentally we always open her gifts before Christmas because she insists that we open them while she is on the phone and this way, we know how to act like we didn't hit the awful Christmas gifts lottery. This year's is a doosy and I will definatley be posting it next week. Here's a hint: clams.... ), and yes it was actually cold enough for them! Yay! We've had the most glorious bout of rain that is supposed to last through Christmas. It would be nice to have my very first rainy Christmas at last.


I found this charm at Michael's a few weeks ago and fell in love. One chunky chain later, and it was my new favourite necklace. I'm so frustrated with jewelry in stores right now. Don't people know that a statement piece doesn't have to be covered in a million lbs of shiny stones and tulle? Silly people... I like my statement pieces as much as the next girl, but I've never been a big flashy jewelry person and beg to differ with the statement "diamonds are a girl's best friend." I can think of about 63 things that are better best friends than diamonds, including french fries dipped in chocolate milkshakes, so in closing this is about as flashy as my jewelry is going to get.

025               031Hoodscarf- you know
Cape- do I even need to?
Blouse- thrifted
Tights and boots- Target
Dress- made by me
Bangle and gloves- vintage, thrifted

These are from today. I had to move from my usual spot because of the rain. This proved annoying since the only place with enough covering was the back of our building which is across from a fast food drive through...
But I wanted to show you part of the fruit of my labour from this weekend. This is the same pattern as here, though this one has much narrower straps plus I actually followed the directions on this one. I'm so in love with this! The colour is fantastic! It's actually a bit deeper than here. It's an almost burgundy cranberry colour. I love it. Even if I still can't shake this silly character my clothes has adopted.

041                044

Tomorrow I am having a party at my house and promise to actually take pictures this year! But more importantly I have a second sewing project to show you, which makes me all kinds of giddy! 



  1. I cant believe you made that necklace!!! Its beautiful! I totally agree with you about the statement necklace thing.

  2. I adore the bicycle necklace! I'm not a huge jewelry girl myself UNLESS it is something cool and vintage-y and makes a fabulous statement piece like your new necklace does. I'm most definitely tempted to hop on over to Michael's to see if I can track down a pendant like that for myself!

  3. I turned the same bicycle charm into a necklace! I'm the same way about jewelry, so I've just started making and selling my own. I like finding vintage pieces and making them my own. It's so much better that way!


  4. ha, I work at qvc and when I worked in order entry we use to get grandmas buying the funniest gifts for their grandchildren. Their heart is always in the right place, but sometimes I can't even believe what we sell, lol.

    oh, and I too love your necklace.