December 16, 2010

A Victorian Vampire Orphan and the Word "Cape"...

Knitted hood/scarf- Knit by me!
Cape- H&M
Blouse Thrifted
Skirt- Thrifted- altered by me
Gloves- Target last year
Bag- Vintage, Thrifted
Tights- Kmart
Petticoat- Vintage
Boots- Thrifted
Brooch- Vintage
Earrings- Made by me

Don't be fooled. It was not actually cold enough to wear this. But I've finally gotten tried of not being able to wear my winter things. Luckily it was in the low 50's today, so while I didn't bust out the hood/scarf and gloves until much later, I did rock this cape. Oh yeah. I got a cape. Basically. My actually reaction when I bought this last night (for $20 at H&M. I know!) was "I GOT A FREAKING CAPE!" Then I proceeded to "flap my wings" around the mall while Jessica, Bri , and Chelsea all looked on hoping no one thought I was with them. I was a little excited. Okay fine, I was freaking out and kept repeating "I have a cape!" but I mean come on, it's a cape, and only good things can happen when you wear a cape. Plus you look like a super hero. It's a win no matter how you slice it. I have a cape!


I think the part of my brain that decided on my clothing choices has developed a complex. I like to call this complex the "I think I am a Victorian vampire orphan from Charles Dickens rejected novel idea called Olivia Twirl about an orphan who becomes a vampire in Victorian England." It's a complicated complex, but I literally cannot pick out an outfit that does not come back to the theme. Actually this is not entirely true. The other theme that is currently very popular is my dressing is one I like to call "Crap, I'm running late for work and haven't bothered to iron any of my clothes in the last month-oh look a dirty shirt." Again it is very complicated.


In less Victorian Vampirical news, the lovely folks at Smashion interviewed me! You can read the interview here. I miraculously do not sound like a moron. Smashion is a really cool place that I wish I'd know about sooner. Much like Ebay and Etsy, you can buy and sell secondhand goods, however unlike etsy you can sell both new and vintage clothing, and unlike Ebay, there's no accursed bidding (I'm looking at you Vintage letterman's sweater...). Check it out!


My laptop has finally kicked the bucket. I was not very happy about it's timing, but I'm not sad to see that piece of crap die. Unfortunatley all my pictures for the last month are still on there, so I've got to see if I can figure out how to get them off, and my music. Sigh. It's annoying. Posting will probably be sporadic at best until I can afford a new one. Again, annoying...



In much happier news, this is my most recent knitting project. I love this thing. Not only is it ridiculously warm, it is also so dang cute! I love it very much. I want to knit some fingerless gloves to match. I can't wait to wear this in the mountains this winter when it's actually cold enough to wear it!


Are you almost done with your Christmas shopping? I nearly finished mine today. I have one more gift to finish and then just my little knitting projects (that will only take about an hour or two to do, but I keep procrastinating like crazy!). I went to the big huge mall out in Ontario today to return one thing and buy another, and it was so funny. I was never really a mall person to begin with, but I am soooo not one now. The people are just so... weird? It just amused me. The people seemed so rushed, and no one seems to take the time to relax and just enjoy themselves. I always strike up a conversation when I'm checking out (see title of blog for the reason why), but no one ever talks to you at a mall. I was actually taken aback when I had TWO different cashiers start talking to me. One complimented my cape ( I have a cape!!), and the other wanted to know how I find red lipstick with my red hair. We talked, enjoyed ourselves, and everyone's day was just a little merrier. It was really nice.


On the flip side, I went to World Market today to pick up the rest of the gifts for my Secret Blogger, and my checkout experience was very odd. And not in a good way.
Ashley: are you open
Checkout Girl: yeah. (leaning on register very bored, someone will not be keeping their seasonal job)
Ashley puts things on counter.
CG: Why are you dressed like that (by the way I was not even wearing the cape (I have a cape!))
Ashley: Um..., I just am.
CG: You're not in a play?
Ashley: no. I dress like this every day.
CG: really?
Ashley: yes.
CG: That's weird.
Ashley: Yes, I know that.
I could make several snotty comments on her appearance, but I won't stoop that low. I was highly peeved, but just kept on smiling.  I really don't mind people asking me why I dress the way I do, but they could at least be kind about it. I had to really suppress a desire to stick my tongue out at her. I can only imagine how she would have reacted to my cape. (I have a cape!)


It's hard to tell in these photos, but these tights are Purple. I do not know why I bought purple tights. I HATE the colour purple (and am not a fan of the musical either). Like a deep burning passionate hate! But for some reason, this fall I can't help but buy a million purple and eggplant coloured things. Okay so technically just two, but still, two items of clothing in purple is more than I ever thought I'd own. But I did like the way it popped with the neutrality of the rest of my outfit.


Remind me to show you a better picture of these boots. They are the worlds most perfect boots. And they cost $3. And fit my gigantic feet. And I sort of live in them now. So yeah. I apologize for the poor photo quality by the way. I was loosing light fast, and trying to be discreet because all of my neighbours decided that the moment I went to take outfit pictures was a good time to come lag about their front doors gabbing to various people. It was quite odd and peeve inducing.


Tomorrow I have a post coming that I am rather obscenely proud of. Also, I think my clothing complex is effecting the way I speak. The first complex, not the second.


Hey, did you hear? I have a cape!


  1. I am so jealous of your cape! I have a cape, but it's a little, thin decorative cape. not a nice cape-coat! :)

    i also love your idea for that character! i would so read that book. like pride and prejudice and zombies!

    finally, your hood is AMAZING and i am so jealous. i'm currently working on some mittens in teeny tiny yarn! i miss the bulky stuff already and i just started, haha.

  2. I know this post is about your amazing cape, but I have to say, that is one hell of a top! I just adore it. I never have such like finding lovely vintage clothing, so I will just continue to follow your blog and live vicariously through all of your beautiful vintage finds!


  3. I have to say, I have TWO capes, and your post might just be enough to make me brave enough to wear them again. One is long and dramatic and a bit too costumey, but the other one is in a French military style and simply rocks. I've just been shy about wearing them because in my part of the world everyone wears huge parkas all winter. But now I will go de-mothball one of the capes--thanks for your inspiration!

  4. You are the funniest girl ever, I'm glad you have a cape! I have one too but I know that doesn't matter because hey, you have a cape! I love the way you write your posts, I love reading them and your outfit is very cute. If I were with you I would have stuck out my tongue at that impertinent girl along with you.