December 14, 2010

A list

My darn computer cord finally kicked the bucket. And of course this would be after I've uploaded everything onto my computer! A new cord is on it's way but I thought I'd do a bit of house keeping.

Here's some things to know:

1. I recently teamed up with City Chic for an exciting project, and they are currently offering a 30% discount to my readers! City Chic recently launched a US webstore and Starting today you will receive 30% off using the discount code BM30FS! Hop to it! I have my eye on these shorts since it's been in the bloody 80's this week... 

2. I'm going to be updating my links this week so if you'd like to get yours up on my sidebar, leave a comment with the link and I'll get it up by Friday. Please only relevant links. 

3. Did ya know I have a tumblr? I do! I mainly just post pictures I find on my online travels and reblog pretty much anything Jen posts. Do you have one?

4. Because I sit at a desk all day reading people's facebook status's (stati, staties?) about how offensive it is to be told Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas (because anyone offering you some verbal goodwill is a bad thing of course right..?), I also have a facebook fan page for ye olde blog. On occasion I post a video of me shoddily playing the guitar.

5. My personal taste in music varies from the ridiculously dramatic, to the "this shouldn't be as cool as it is". My choices in music have changed as I have, but there are some things that stay the same. Some loves that go on forever and never die. They grow stronger with the years, and pulse with a burning passion that goes right to the core of your soul. These loves are the stuff legends are made of, the stories we tell future generations, to remind them that there is hope, and love is the only thing worth fighting for. This very accurately describes my love of Josh Groban. Yes we've had our ups and downs (like the time I pretended not to like him for the sake of a boy who was jealous of the deep booming baritone, or when his last album came out, and most of the songs evoked a "meh?" reaction from me) , but I've never stopped loving him, never ebbed the flow of passion my insufficiently large heart has for him. And then he came out with a new album. I didn't listen to the singles, I didn't read the reviews. I didn't storm the store at midnight the night before demanding my copy. I waited until last week, after almost a month. I put the album in my cd player, and sat on my bed to savour. And the world was suddenly showing colours I'd never seen before. There was an 8th and 9th colour in the rainbow. All doubts, all sorrow, all pain was gone, and I was left in a state of euphoria that few can comprehend. I t was a moment of magic. And then song #8 had a banjo and a mandolin and my brain actually exploded. Basically, listen, be, feel. Your life will never be the same. Also The song entitled "The Bells of New York City" is pretty much the musical embodiment of my feelings about NYC. The first time I went to NY was over new years (ugg) and it's like he followed me around, listened to all my thoughts, and felt all I felt during those five days.  Minus the fact that I wore flip-flops in the snow. Basically the album is pure magic. And our babies are going to have the prettiest voices...

Fun Fact: When we boarded our airplane to NY we flew with a guy in a funny Russian winter hat. My friend Sarah also had one. We joked that they would marry and called him Mr. Russian Hat Man. He then proceeded to stay in our hotel, go everywhere we went, and took all the same subways we did. We thought this was hilarious. Finally we went to the Statue of Liberty and so did he and the pretty blonde woman he was with. We tried to get a picture of the four of us and the statue, but could not, so we asked MRHM's wife. She tried to use our camera, but then handed it to MRHM, saying "he knows how to use a camera better than I do. Afterall he makes movies."  we chuckled assuming he was a porn film maker. He kept adjusting th camera trying to get a good angle and we kept thinking, dude just take the picture, who do you think you are. he took a great picture. Later that day we ordered burgers from our hotel's restraunt, and they did not give us enough ketchup, so I stole a bottle from the restraunt, took it to our room, and then went to return it. MRHM and wife were in the elevator. We discussed our love of ketchup. We then flew home (me with the flu and hyped up on cough syrup). In FEBRUARY we watched the Academy Awards. MRHM was suddenly on the screen and just as it dawned on me who he was, Charissa was calling my house to scream "WE FRIGGIN' MET STEVEN SPIELBERG IN NEW YORK AND DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT!" Oh and the blonde lady? Kate Capshaw. Basically. 

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