January 10, 2011

Monday Inspiration # 42: The Greatest Clothes on Earth

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was lovely aside from catching a nasty headcold and stomach thing. Today I'm home from work recovering, and between sniffles and sneezes hopefully some laundry and sewing. No, I can't just take a sick day!

This bit of inspiration will make more sense later this week when I show you the dress I made this weekend, but that will have to wait until the ice cream and five-year-old's vomit is washed out of it (It was an exciting weekend to say the least!). But whilst making it I realized how rather "circus-ish" it felt. I tried to tone down the big top feel of it, but couldn't help but dream up all sorts of rather over the top outfits this dress could spur. Then I started thinking about how very fashionable/quirky/eccentric circus performers might dress on their days off. Would a clown always be a clown (I am terribly afraid of clowns by the way!), and would that rub off into her "Off Duty" wardrobe? In the magical world in my head, it would and everything would be darkly mysterious and frighteningly fun. I like my circuses dark and dastardly (just like I like my men (I am totally not  joking)). Because circuses with a dark history are just the tops in my imagination. That or this head cold is starting to get to me ;-)

Off Duty Ring Mistress

The Ring Mistress- Bold, in charge, and never to be questioned or undermined.

Off Duty Clown

The Clown- Silly, peculiar, with a touch of obnoxious humour, and just a dash of sheer brilliance. 

Off Duty Trapeze Artist

The Trapeze Artist- Graceful, elegant, dainty, and never looks down.

Off Duty Strong Woman

The Strong Woman- Gentle always, strong and silent, able to carry the weight of the world around her neck.

Off Duty Bearded Lady

The Bearded Lady- Half masculine, half feminine, always cool.

Which one are you most like? I am unfortunately a total clown! Happy Monday!


  1. definitely the trapese one...hey, how can that not be super cool plus the outfits look fab. lol. thanks for stopping by mines.

  2. Haha! Thank you! And you're welcome!