January 8, 2011


Man I am glad this week is over. After a week of irritations, and annoyances, and bad bed habits I am so happy it is the weekend! Tonight (well technically last night!) my sister and I went shopping and to dinner, and I can say we both needed the time out. It was a good, good night, and I got some very pretty things (I'll show you later).



I'm nursing a sore throat. Who knew cheap tea could taste so good!



My feet didn't touch the floor. Bri is two years younger than I am. Her's did....



I was so frustrated this morning that I wore jeans. I know. Jeans. Like real, for honest, jeans. I bought two pair at Lane Bryant last weekend. I usually avoid "plus size" clothing stores like a plague, but was in dire need of new bras and have the most random bra size in the word so I have to buy them there. I've been trying to find some nice, cozy jeans for those days when I don't really want to put a lot of fuss into my outfit, but had yet to find them.  On a whim I decided to check out Lane Bryant's jeans. I'm very picky about jeans. They have to be a dark wash, straight leg, high waisted, and be free of studs, glitter, logos/insignia, rips, tares, frays, and must be long enough to cuff once or twice.  Without sounding like an advertisement, I was incredibly impressed with their jeans. They have a system of fitting them to your body shape so when I tried these on it was like they were made for me! I was very pleased. Plus they make my bum look fantastic! And they were on sale! Yay! So now I live in these jeans. I honestly love them so very much. They're so comfortable! Anyways, I wore them today and was actually pretty please with my outfit. Excuse the bathroom mirror shots, it got dark before I could snap photos and the only chance I had was in the bathroom while we were shopping.  I'm quite pleased with how this came out though!

Cowl- knit by me
Sweater- Vintage
Shirt- Thrifted
Cami- Costco
Jeans- Lane Bryant
Shoes- Target
Bag- Gift from my parents for Christmas (I literally can fit my head inside this thing. It is huge and the most perfect bag in the world. I have pictures to show you of my head inside. Yes, I tried it.)


This cowl neck warmer thing is my newest knitting creation. Bri calls it my "turtle neck thingie."  I call it totally warm, cozy, and I want a million of them. By the end of the night (when she got so cold that she had to borrow it...) she wanted one too... The "pattern" I used was to cast on 30 stitches and then stockinette the whole skien or yarn and cast off. I then mattress stitched the ends together. I'm sure there are more difficult precise ways of doing this, but this works for me.




Off to bed!


  1. i never wear jeans either...and when i do, there shall be no studs, glitter, holes and such. lol but i love those ones that you hae on, they look great

  2. I agree with you-- my jeans must be dark and clean and classic. These look fan-flippin-tastic on you, lady!

  3. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your blog! Love the bag...very versatile and cute. ;)

  4. Okay... you look great in jeans... no... adorable... okay... great & adorable... love it!

    Diva in Deep Thought

  5. TFW- I'm so glad to know there are others who have the same frustrations when it comes to finding a stinking pair of jeans! Thank you!!

    Mary- Thanks dear! I think my jeans philosophy is unless they look pretty enough that Audrey Hepburn would wear them, they aren't worth my time!!

    Erin- I'm so happy you've stumbled here as well!! Thank you very much for your sweet comment!

    Yolanda- Thank you!! You're too, too sweet!