January 6, 2011

The top's the tops!

Not much to say today. Things have been busy, and I'm not feeling too well, and am incredibly cranky for some reason. I think it's the not feeling well thing...



I love everything about this outfit from my knees up. I felt ridiculous in the boots, though I don't know why. I love these boots, but it felt wrong for some reason. Maybe it was the socks. Better with tights? Who knows, but still, I did not like my footwear.



This sweater was a thrift find from the day before. It's a 1960's sweater, and it might be the most amazing thing I own. I love it! It's very cozy too!



I have a tutorial coming for this hair style. It's super simple, but I always get alot of compliments on it. The lady at the thrift shop I went to that day (these are from Tuesday) told me I looked like I'd just walked out of a magazine, and how did I ever manage to do my own hair like that because it is just so very lovely. It was a very nice thing for her to say.


Everything in this outfit has been thrifted, even my slip. The only exception are my socks, which are from JCPenny's a million years ago also known as 2006. I remember this because I bought them for a musical I was in and I refused to wear socks until very recently so these were the only ones I owned. Also the Bear Brooch is from the Ailwee Caves in Ireland. They were very cool, but I have no idea why I bought a bear brooch...




How's your week going?


  1. I had a pretty tough week myself, for various reasons. Now that it's the weekend we can both relax :)

    The sweater is gorgeous, a great find!

  2. You look sooo cute!!!

  3. Alana- I hope your weekend was incredibly relaxing (even if it was forever ago!!) Thank you!

    Brooke- Thanks my dear!!