February 22, 2011




Remember back when I went as a Navy Nurse for Hallowe'en? Well I had planned on making a cape to go with the costume, but with running out of time and the fact that is was still bloody hot in October (and November, and December, and...) I never bothered doing so. I had bought all the necessary things for the cape which have been sitting in my stash since then.  I had planned on letting it sit there until next fall when I will actually need outerwear, but the weather was so nice and gloomy this past week, that I decided to go ahead and make it. It was a relatively quick project and came out pretty well. Something went awry with the hem (I hate hemming with all my being and thus am pre-disposed to screw them up), and I really should not have done all the finishing at 3am, but otherwise, it's great.

Forgive the mirror shot! I apparently need to clean my mirror!
Also just forgive the whole set of photos. My room has the worst lighting.



Of course, had I my druthers, I'd have taken photos of this in some rather dramatic rainy moor-like setting, but the weather has turned sunny again. Sometimes I worry that maybe I only like rain because it's a novelty, and I've never had enough of it and that come this next year when I'll be living in a cold, rainy climate, I'll find that I am actually like all the rest of the world and hate rain. But then we get a week of rainy weather and I am delighted, and then the sun comes back and I literally get so frustrated. It's not even that warm (well by our standards. It's been between the 40's to the 60's.), but it's just so darn bright and sunny, and I just don't like it. I was meant to live life as a vampire. Consequently (in case my 3am sewing binges weren't clue enough) I'm also a total night owl. I would make a great rock star, up all night and sleep all day. Except the room I slept in would have to have those black out curtains because I can't sleep with any light. Where even is this post going....




Back to the cape. I used this pattern. I did shorten it quite a bit. If you're going to use this pattern let me warn you that you might want to size down. I cut out an XL and it was huge! I gathered it way more than I needed to because of how much fabric it used. I actually probably could have used the size small, there was just so much fabric. I used a Navy (despite what the photos might suggest) poly-wool blend that I bought on sale at Joann's and some crimson lining. The giant hook and eye was in my stash and I have no idea where it came from. I debated adding the anchor buttons and gold stars I had originally intended to add for my costume, but I wanted to avoid making  it look like a costume piece. All in all I really like it, though if I ever made another one, I'd add arm holes. not having any is a tad annoying. Delaney has asked me to make her one for her birthday, so I think I'll do that on hers. Hopefully the storm that is coming in will be a nice enough one that I can wear it!



  1. love that cape! i've been wanting one forever!!!

  2. Laura- Thank you! They're actually ridiculously easy to make, and I know that H&M has had quite a few lately.

    Kendra- Thanks!!