March 14, 2011

Pasadena Flea and My Sew Along Dress!


Sunday we went to the Pasadena Flea Market down at the Rose Bowl. My parents have been going pretty consistently for the last four or five months, but this was only my second time. Last time I went I spent a pretty penny and came away with a few treasures. I anticipated that the pickings for what I wanted would be slim, but was pleasantly surprised by the loot I found! I bought FIVE dresses! FIVE! One is a tad too small (this being in between sizes thing is obnoxiously annoying), but all the others are absolutely amazing! I'll start showing you them tomorrow. (I'm wearing one today and it might be my favourite oddly enough) I also picked up a few other things I'll show you in the coming days. The dresses were all steals too! The most I paid for on (the too small one) was $30 and I only agreed to that because it was in pristine condition, looks like it was never worn, and had the matching belt! Three of them cost me $10 because they needed repairs (all seam tares) and one was $5 (!!!!!) because the sleeve was coming off. I know! So $65 later I was five dresses richer. Sometimes, life is good.





I always forget to take photos at these kind of things, but I did get a few snaps. The place is HUGE! and there are always lots o' people out and about (mostly those annoying hipsters who buy the 40's and 50's dresses that some a-hole seller chopped up and hemmed so short they show off the goods... don't get me started down that road. I ranted for about an hour yesterday about this and was thoroughly enraged.). If you're ever in town round the second Sunday of the month, I definitely recommend it. Though I can't guarantee you the perfect spring-ish weather (it was in the high 60's with a wonderful breeze!)!




Of course, what I was most excited about was the dress I wore. This was my contribution to Casey's Sew Along. I. Love. This. Dress. No really. I want it is every colour. It's so flattering, so easy to wear, and just beautifully cut! This wasn't the fabric I had originally planned on using, but I am so glad I went with this! It's a cotton with a bit of a stretch so it makes a great day dress (or hunting through piles of dirty treasures at a flea market dress!). It is so comfortable! Aaannd look! Pastels! Or close at least. This fabric has a funny story actually. I've had it in my stash since my 22nd birthday. On my 22nd birthday we took a day trip to Solvang and my mom found a warehouse with fabric that was 99 cents a yard! It was all cut your own and there were rooms upon rooms of fabric bolts. I ended up with 30 yards of fabrics from this place. I will never get through it all. This was my favourite of the fabrics I got. It was just so pretty! I remember cutting a yard of it initially figuring on making a two-rectangles-and-a-waistband skirt, but decided that it needed to be a dress, so I *thought* I cut just another yard. I ended up have a bit over two yards (I'm assuming I took whatever was left on the bolt) and had just enough to make this dress. Almost two years I have been trying to find the perfect pattern to go with it to no avail. I knew it needed to be a spring/summer dress, but I didn't want something that was too busy. Plus I didn't have much. There's enough left to make some hair bows or barbie clothes possibly. I am so glad I saved it, because I cannot imagine a better marriage of pattern and fabric. Also I should mention that by some magical, magical-ness the lattice print almost matched (it's off by about a centimetre). I did not match it. It just happened. Further proof for this dress's perfection. And funnily enough, I got a ton of compliments on how well the dress matched my hair (which was weird, but much appreciated!). Which gave me hope for wearing more light colours. Auburn hair is a pain to match to things! But long story short, I am in love and will definitely be using this pattern again!






And an outtake for you, not sure why I was making this face... I tried to get Delaney to let me take some photos of her outfit, but she wouldn't, so these few snaps are all I have. I think it's adorable!  She's wearing my hat from H&M, a thrifted blouse and vest, an Anthro skirt and Urban Outfitters flats. When we were done shopping my mother was still at it, so some of us who's feet might have been killing us went back to the car and lounged about in the grass. Grace found that this was the perfect location to show us all her "twirly" dress. I've told my mom that she has to save this dress, because if I ever have a daughter she will wear this thing to death. The border is scenes of London. How cute!





All in all, it was a really wonderful day.




  1. omg i love that last picture of you! Sooo adorable! And that dress is gorgeous! I want one! XD haha

    -Christina <3

  2. You are so pin-up girl. So gorgeous.

  3. i love the pattern on the fabric! thumbs up!

  4. Oh my goodness--your dress is drop-dead-gorgeous (as are you!!!)! Seriously: what a beautiful fabric to use. Stunning, really! Thank you so much for participating in the sew-along! :)

    ♥ Casey

  5. Christina- Thank you very much dear!

    Gazel- Thanks! You are too kind!

    Fiona- thank you! I loved your version as well! Kudos!

    Casey-Thank you! That is the sweetest thing! Thank you again for hosting it!