April 25, 2011

While I was out:

I needed that break. I missed blogging, but I also didn't. It was nice to have a little bit of a breather. Even if it was a busy breather, it was nice. Though this week doesn't seem to want to co-operate. My car refused to start this morning which might mean that I don't get to go swing dancing tonight (and a friend of mine depends upon me for a ride, so it's just a muddle!), so that has put me in a bit of a sour mood. Alas! My poor car just needs to retire. I just pray it will make it until September!

Here's a peek at what last week brought me:

Wandering through bookstores with friends giggling at all the silly romance novels. I saw this book just as I was remarking how every book was either about Highlanders or Vampires, and why had no one combined them yet?

018 (2)
Dinner with these two. Where we consumed way too much food:

019 (2)
Ginger, my favourite!



And this was our second round...


Making funny faces at each other

Tired of too-long bangs.

Attempted photoshoot that went awry. But I have a cool project coming up in regards to this!

I did laundry, got rid of stuff, and put it all away... whew!

Wore a pretty "new" dress, and put my hair up to go Swing Dancing!

Danced the night away with my brother Eric, and my friend Emily (she's the gal in the black!)

Listed some modern dresses I'm selling here. Email me if you're interested!

001 (2)
Played an Open Mic night for the first time since November. It was a hit! They even asked me to come back!

Drank a whole lotta coffee

took my dresser from looking like this...

to this!

005 (2)
And took my jewelry box from looking like this...

To this! I own an obscene amount of earrings, and still need to figure out what to do with my necklaces which are just chillin' on my dresser right now...

Realized that Nailpolish has taken over my life.

016 (2)
Drank some more of this...

Sketched and journaled, and cut out fabric.

Only used my seam ripper once!

015 (2)
Spent some quality time with my darling Polyhymnia. Yes, my sewing machine is named after a Greek Muse (and one of my favourite Madeline L'Engle characters...)

Finally trimmed those bangs. And then decided that I should have just grown them out...

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Mine was splendid! I'll show you all later this week. Tomorrow, I'll post my Easter dress!


  1. i ALWAYS decide to grow out my bangs 30 seconds after cutting them. son of a bitch eh?

    i also love your organizing before and after pictures. i think tidyness is my porn.

    anywho... welcome back!

  2. I to am very glad your back always enjoy your posts.
    ps. love the dresser organizing.

    miss clay x