June 14, 2011

Be Mine

Flower- H&M? (I bought this forever ago and have never worn it, so I don't actually remember!)
Cardigan- Target (on sale!)
Blouse- Vintage, thrifted
Skirt- Made by me
Shoes- K-mart last summer (no really!)
Bag- Vintage
Brooch- Vintage, Etsy
Earrings- Vintage
Necklace- Chinatown, San Francisco

This is what I wore to go Swing Dancing last night. Personally the night was a bust, but we ended the night with a midnight run to In-n-Out and silly awkward conversations which sort of made up for it. I realized on the ride home why I didn't have my usual night of fun, which was both heartwarming and pathetic. And yes, it's that nice of a smile :-)


I've had this hair flower for probably two years and this is the first time I've ever worn it. It's kind of gigantic and freaks me out so I always shy away. But yesterday I was having a colossally bad hair day and just braided it back, so I wanted something to give it a bit of polish. I actually really love it now! (I'm even wearing it right now!) I'm still freaked out by the size, but I think I can pull it off now.


I gotta say, I really loved this outfit. It just felt right. I think I've been going through a bit on an identity crisis when it comes to clothes. I keep second guessing myself and over thinking my overall "look." Sometime I get kind of stuck in this idea of a "look." It's hard to explain but I either think that I am a walking costume or not doing enough. And so I switch gears, try something new, get stuck in that, wonder why I am so unexcited about clothes, and then try something like this on and everything sort of falls into place. "oh yeah, this is how I dress!" This was probably the most "me" I've felt in a long time. One of my favourite things about fashion is that the more you start dressing for yourself, the more you learn about who you are, and what really makes you happy. For me, it's gingham, red, bows, giant flowers, and a dash of romanticism. Oh and this kid right here. She makes me pretty happy too.



I bought this brooch on etsy and it came in the mail yesterday. I am so, so in love with it. It may be the best thing I own and is now my prized possession. In a fire, I would save this little thing. It just makes me so very happy!


What's making you happy today?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that little brooch! So cute and sweet!
    ♡ Brooke

  2. I adore this outfit! So cute. And that flower is the perfect touch!

  3. This is such a sweet outfit! Your purse is just the loveliest thing!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights