June 28, 2011

Everyplace I go I'll think of you

I'm off! Right now I am sitting in the airport at SFO waiting to board our next flight (our flying adventures are just so awesome!), with a giant cup of coffee and croissant! I've had about two hours of sleep, and this is my first cup of coffee today. But I am so excited!!!!  Bri and I have some really fun plans for this week!

I may or may not completely love Cass Elliot. (I adore her voice. It is that simple.)
I'll be back tonight (hopefully) with a post about our first day. In the meantime enjoy this *AMAZING* gem I found on youtube. This may be the best thing ever: two of the greatest (and most randomly paired) singers of all time, and Simon and Garfunkel? Hell yes.  In fact if my plane crashes, I can die happy because this exists. I love it.

Um, yeah. You can thank me now.
And just for good measure mostly because I just learned this on my guitar:

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