July 3, 2011


Hello hello! I am back an must apologize for the lack of posting last week! I fully intended to re-cap each day but our trip was busy and went by far too quickly. I got home last night and promptly went to bed feeling exahusted and a little weird. It's weird being back here. I can't explain it. In a way it feels like I never left and in another way it feels like I was gone forever. I absolutely adored the little town I will soon call home, and felt like I completely belonged. I did miss my family, very much, and am glad to be back among them and my beloved things (and full closet!), but I don't know. I guess the whole trip just reinforced my distaste for this place. I've swapped greenery for brown everywhere, cool sunny days for oppressive heat, and smiling faces who had all the time in the world to talk to you for rude people honking their horns and cutting you off. It's going to take me a few days before I can properly re-adjust to the way life is here. But I can honestly say that I have never been quite so happy to be any places as I was in Corvallis. It was just such a perfect for me place. I'm incredibly excited to go back there and to live there and to be able to breathe again (I swear as we were landing in LA you could see the line of where the air got thick and filled with gunk!). I miss it already.







I progressively started looking more spazzed out as the day went on.


Bri and I left Tuesday morning for our 6am flight (ew). We has to seriously rig our flights to get it to an affordable price so we ended up flying into to San Francisco before landing for good in Portland around 1pm. We decided to stick around Portland for the day before heading to Corvallis that evening. Bri and I hit up Powells and Buffalo Exchange and Magpie, but didn't buy too much since our luggage was already pretty full. We also ate at the food carts for the first time. Yummy Thai food that was seriously to die for! after all that we made our way back to the airport  where we took a few minutes to freshen up -which we seriously needed! Then we took a shuttle to Corvallis and arrived at nearly 10pm. And it was still a bit light out, which was seriously weird. Then we walked a mile and half at 10 pm to our hotel carrying our very heavy luggage. It was not cool. We were so tired and hungry by the time we got checked in to our hotel, we ordered pizza and crashed while watching the Syfy channel because we are awesome. I had to bu up for orientation super early the next day and was paranoid I'd sleep through my alarm so I didn't sleep too well, but all in all it was a very good first day. Tomorrow: day two! and of course there are more pictures here.










Hat- world market
Blouse and skirt- made by me
Cardigan- thrifted
Tights- target
Shoes- off saks
Belt- target


Dress- thrifted (with the tags on!)
Cardigan- thrifted
Scarf- ??
Boots- Ralph Lauren





Go Beavers (we'll address this later)


Hey there rain, have fun frizzing out my hair?


A little better.


Waiting, waiting...


9:30pm... weird.



The pizza was really good!! And for the record it lasted us about two and a half days.

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