July 18, 2011

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Cardigan- Target
Blouse- Thrifted
Earrings- Vintage gift from my parents
Necklace- modcloth
Bracelet- Gift from Bri
Brooch- Vintage sweater clip via etsy
Socks- Target
Shoes- Thrifted, gift from Bri
Bag- Target (and stuffed to the gills with candy to smuggle into the movie theatre!)

I really like colours. Despite what my closet may tell you (I swear 90% of my wardrobe is either black or some other dark colour) I really love colours. When I was a kid my mom bought this really fancy set of coloured pencils for an art class or something. And since I wanted to be a fashion designer I spent a great deal of time coming up with colour combos for outfits (some better than others, it was the 90's after all). My favourites were fushia and this really dark teal, and light pink and light blue. They looked so pretty together to my six year old self, and in my wild imagination I dreamed up all sorts of 50's inspired outfits using these colours.
Cotton Candy

While grown up Ashley may not favour the 50's so much any more (or fushia and teal for that matter), I certainly haven't stopped dreaming up outfits or liking this colour combo. It's just so happy! When I was getting dressed I kept thinking of all the things it reminded me of: bubblegum ice cream (my favourite is from the Tillamook cheese factory!), birthday cakes, cotton candy, old sweet shops, carnivals, picnics, ice cream socials, old Disneyland, all incredibly happy things! Which is nice because I've felt a little gloomy lately. But as soon as I was dressed I was all smiles and skipping to and fro. I am a firm believer that when you're happy with your appearance, it's the best kind of mood booster available. Though I think this F. Scott Fitzgerald quote sums up what I mean perfectly:

 “When a girl feels that she’s perfectly groomed and dressed, she can forget that part of her. That’s charm. The more parts of yourself you can afford to forget, the more charm you have.” 
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Speaking of Mr. Fitzgerald, have you seen Midnight in Paris yet? I saw it last weekend and oh my! I loved it! I think anyone who has ever felt like they were outside their time should see that film! It was so beautiful, heartwarming, and even had me teared up a few times. And the costumes were to die for!  Oh, such a good film! And Friday night we saw Harry Potter and I couldn't help feeling terribly nostalgic and as though another part of my childhood was ending. The film was wonderful though and I even shed a tear (or a lot). Goodbye Harry, and thank you for all the nights I stayed up til the sun rose reading about your adventures.

How was your weekend?
Cotton Candy


  1. I cannot say enough just how much everything you wear inspires me! Hands down, you have one of the best wardrobes I've seen and I love everything you wear!


  2. I love this colour combination! The whole outfit is just lovely, right down to the darling sweater clip!

  3. Wow, Miss Ashley...you looked so beautiful! I love the colors that you chose to combine & the special details that you included alongside. These photos are playing as inspiration for my summertime dressing. :)


  4. This is such a lovely post! Not only do I love your outfit, I also loved your review of Midnight in Paris, a film I am dying to see! I too was heartbroken with the end of Harry Potter films! Sigh. I'm seriously in love with this cardigan and the post title coudln't be more perfect! :)