July 12, 2011

Dear Kate,

Dear Kate

To HRH, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, etc., etc.,

Dear Kate,
Can we just be on first name basis, cuz I am so confused as to what we're supposed to actually call you now. Besides you look like a Kate, and it's a cute name, and in the fantasy world in my head we're bffs, so I am going to call you Kate if you don't mind.

Also I want to apologize for the abominable weather during your stay in Los Angeles. Clearly the weather-gods forgot that Royals were coming and didn't pull out the good weather.

Dear Kate

Hopefully you have found your way to my blog because you googled yourself (we're besties, don't lie, you know you do it) and are totally confused as to why I am writing you this letter (cuz, y'know, we're besties so I could just text you the deats). Well I am writing to thank you. See I have been ever so secretly following your every move since Will (totally on nickname terms right?) and you first became a "thang." I was so happy for him. I want my future brother-in-law to be happy, y'know, because I am a giver. That aside though, I thought you were pretty fabulous. Smart, beautiful, independent, all the finest qualities rolled into one. I should hate you, but I can't (cuz we're besties. Also, I am totally not sending you subliminal messages...). So when you two finally announced you were getting married, I waited with bated breath to see your fabulous dress. Because when it comes to clothes, you are a wiz. You could make a potatoe (<-- see what I did there, British spelling of potatoe) sack look chic. So I've been following your North American Tour, and let me say, kudos for doing your own packing. I mean, it's kind of ridiculous that you had to inform people that you would be doing your own packing, but that's the media for you. Also, teach me how to pack, because you are just seriously fantastic. In a world of Lady Gag-gag's and Keh-dollar sign-ha's, and celebrity sex scandals, here you are lighting the way for girls who want something different. Who value their femininity, and their womanhood (and all that means), as well as their strength and independence. You do your own thing, and always look like a million bucks.

Dear Kate

I feel that in modern society women and girls are told they have to choose between being strong, and individual, or a wife and mother, but that they can never really do both. If you choose to marry someone and have children, then you're succumbing to the archaic idea that women are for nothing more than to cook, clean and have babies. And yet, if you choose to have a career, even if it's a small one (unlike, y'know Duchess-ing), you are a femi-nazi. And clothing choices tend to reflect that. Yet here you are a married lady, a Royally married lady no less, who's got all kinds of jobs and responsibility, plus like, the whole world thinking about your having a kid, and you just do your own thing. You dress to please you AND to fit your lifestyle. And you don't joke around, you wear flats when you need to. Sure I know that life if going to be tough, and probably a little weird, but you always put your best self forward, even when you are probably really bored. And if that weren't enough, you even look good in a Stetson. A Stetson! As my mother said: "I'll be a cowgirl if I can look like her!"
I really think that you've just begun your campaign for Fashion Icon domination, and I look forward to gasping in awe at many more of your ensembles. So thank you Kate, for showing the world that understated can be sexy, girly isn't bad, and you really can have it all. And also that Stetsons can totally be awesome.
Love, your bestie,
You are more than welcome to send Harry my way. Just sayin'.

Dear Kate

If my insane letter above wasn't clear enough, I have been quite taken with the new Duchess for quite some time. But I seriously think she has totally upped her style since becoming a Royal (as comical as the thought is to me).  I find myself kind of stuck in a fashion rut right now. I'm between phases of life, between sizes, between styles, and just so uninspired by the dang weather (I don't want to wear easy, breezy dresses and sandals, I want outfits that are interesting and have character, but nothing has character when you are melting.).  But Madame Duchess had started getting me excited about clothes again. I love her classic pieces with a bit of a modern twist. It's chic and refreshing, and she looks stunning in anything (she wore a Stetson people. And looked good in it!) And while I am no Kate nee Middleton, I am trying to take a note from her and keep it simple, and classic (and classy) while I sort through my own sartorial shift.  Now if only I could snatch a Prince...

Dear Kate

Cardigan- Target
Blouse- Target
Belt- Target (that's a lot of Target...)
Skirt- Made by me
Shoes- BC Footwear
Earrings- My favourite that I bought for $2 at a now out of business vintage shop. RIP De*Lux.

Dear Kate


  1. Haha, I love this! I too have been ogling Kate's outfits of late. Her choices have been so gorgeous and classy!
    And your outfit is terribly classy, too - Kate would certainly approve!

  2. who told you that the British spell it potatoe? Cos its wrong, we don't Or are you trying to be funny ?

  3. Dear Anon-
    If I offended you, I apologize, as that was not my intention. I am a huge fan of the United Kingdom, and was fortunate enough to spend three weeks travelling there as a teenager, so this post was truly written with much love and respect. I was also home schooled growing up and the spelling curriculum my mom used was from the UK and so I learned to spell words the "British" way. In the US many words have over the years changed in their spelling. Call it Lazy American-ism if you like, but many "extra" letters were dropped. Programme became Program. Colour became Color. But As I said I learned to spell these words as our friends across the pond do.
    Quite a few years ago a vice president was asked to spell the word "potato" and he spelled it with an "e" at the end. When he was mocked, he, and others, explained that this was the way the Brits spelled the word. And indeed, I have been taught the same thing. On my Word Document programme I use the UK English settings because it is annoying to have so many words "misspelled" in the American English version, and the UK version insists that Potato is in fact spelled with an "e" at the end. This may have changed in the UK for all I know, but that was my understanding.

    Yes I was trying to be funny, but not in an offensive way, so again, I do apologize for any hurt feelings.