July 11, 2011

Oregon Day Four

Benny the Beaver drinks coffee!

These are the last of the photos I'll be sharing of my trip to Oregon. I have photos of our last day, but they are all of food because apparently the only time I thought to take my camera out was when we were eating? I don't know, but these ones here are my favourites!

Truth. I don't care if you smoke, but like, do it outside.

Bri wanted to steal her coffee cup




We started the day out by getting breakfast at a place that came highly recommended to us. It was a really cute and charming place! The food was excellent but the portions were huge! Bri and I each ordered a side of bacon and totally could have split one! But some of the best blueberry pancakes I've ever had. The decor was really cute too!


My fave is the naked bum and braid one.

We meandered through the town a bit more and finished our shopping. We stopped into the two thrift stores downtown. Both were decent! We also went to this one shop that Bri had been trying to drag me into for days. To my surprise it was fantastic! Kind of a World Market-like place I found a couple of vintage style bracelets and Bri bought about a million glass jars (they were legitimately beautiful!).

Greek row is beautiful!

Ashley: And this is the chemistry building! Isn't beautiful!
Dad: Ashley took a picture of the outside of it since she will never see the inside of it.
Ashley: gee, thanks.
We went back to our hotel and changed, then walked down to the school to take a tour of it and the place I'm hopefully living at this next year (I'm number 50 on the wait-list so all your prayers, thoughts and good vibes will be greatly appreciated!). The apartment is cute, but tiny. Let me rephrase that. The living area of the apartment is tiny. Three counters, a mini fridge, and stove make up the "kitchen" that is along one wall, it has it's own bathroom, a nook with the bed, a desk, a window, and turn the corner and you find a WALK IN CLOSET! I squealed. Our tour guide thought I was insane. I'm not joking when I say that the closet area is the same size as the rest of the apartment. I wish I'd taken pictures, but I forgot. The funny thing is that over the last few months I've been freaking out about how I'm going to get all my clothes into a tiny apartment. Now I am freaking out about how I am going to get everything else into the tiny apartment. Because fitting my clothes will be not problem at all, but where I am going to put all my books (and other bits and bobs) is an entirely different story.



After we were done there we went to the Bookstore. I'd already been in there after Orientation, but it was still a garish sight. OSU is a big football school. And apparently this is a Really Big Deal. Like, a Huge deal. So the bookstore primarily consists of a lot of really random things to celebrate the fact that some dudes in tight pants are going to kick and throw a ball around.... Including pacifiers and sippy cups, footie pj's, scrapbooking supplies, as well as everything you need for your OSU themed bbq (including barbecue tools. I am not joking.). On the list of school events that we got in our orientation packet they had a date listed as "Civil War in Corvallis." Which I assumed was some awesome Civil War reenactment. I planned on finding a hoop skirt and talking in a southern drawl. But no, this is the day OSU plays University of Oregon... This is how insane these people are. I still plan on wearing a hoop skirt.


80's-tastic murals. Score.


Oh look, more Beavers.


We walked around campus looking at all the beautiful architecture. I can totally put of with crazy football people if I get to be on the beautiful campus. I seriously love it! It's so old and pretty, and just wonderful. I loved the quad area with it's big lawns. Schools look nothing like this here, and I can't wait to see how beautiful it is in the Autumn! I also love how the school is completely surrounded by coffee shops! Bri and I stopped in one for some iced coffee and I had an Italian Soda too. Yummy!

Memorial Union

Snood: Reddressshoppe.com
Blouse- Thrifted
Skirt- made by me
Shoes- Hasbeens

OSU's nickname is the Cow College because it was originally a ... cow college.


Hello head-to-toe Hawaiian print dude.

We wandered the campus some more while waiting for the Baseball game we were going to. We found the random bowling alley in the Student Union. It was awesome. We also found Waldo.


I gasped out loud.


No really! We found Waldo!


Corvallis's minor league baseball team was playing that night so we bought tickets and went. It was a lot of fun. Weirdly Bri and I both really like baseball. We randomly went to a lot of baseball games when we were kids (and played Poggs in the bleachers lol...) and we even played it on a team once. My grandpa coached a team one year and every boy I ever was madly in love with was a baseball player. So baseball may be the one sport I understand and enjoy watching. Which seems totally out of character, but I did grow up loving A League of Their Own.



Wow, another Beaver.




We had planned to eat dinner at the ballpark, but they only took cash (so many places did!) and between Bri and I we only had about $10. Which luckily was enough for two corn dogs, a drink to split, and a box of Red Vines. We found this incredibly comical, thought I am not sure why exactly. The night we went was Cowbell night. Oh yeah. Worst idea ever to give baseball fans cowbells. I swear I could hear cowbells for three days afterwards. The game was a ton of fun and Corvallis won!






Okay, maybe we had a little too much fun with the cowbells...

Oh hai 9:30 pm.
We walked back to our hotel (and Bri smashed her toe into a twig or something and sliced it open. I refused to look since blood makes me vomit.) changed into something a little more comfy and went back to the Flat Tail for a late night dinner. Perfect ending to a perfect trip.

And this is how a vintage girl wears her school t-shirt. She did not buy the orange one.

The next day we flew home which was exciting! We left Corvallis at 10:30 (after walking the mile and a half with our even heavier than before luggage) (As a side note, I had to buy new luggage while we were there (thank God for thrift stores) because the handle of my vintage suitcase broke, plus with all the crap we were carrying in them (we packed so stupidly) I needed a rolling one. Sad day vintage luggage :-( ), and arrived at PDX around noonish. Our flight wasn't until three so we mulled around the airport shops (where we discovered the OSU vs. U of O candy coated sunflower seeds... really people...), bought more food, more coffee and ice cream. At three we boarded our plane, which will go down in history as the most miserable flight I have ever been on. We were at the back of the plane and it was so loud an noisy and the guy sitting next to me was on speed or something and kept shaking his leg. Every time I moved my leg away from his , he moved his closer to mine. The last half hour of the flight some baby started screaming, the flight attendants were so noisy in the kitchen, and we were right next to the bathrooms, so yeah. Bri and I had only had about three or four hours of sleep that night before, so we were trying to sleep. That didn't happen. Then we landed in Phoenix. Yes, Phoenix Arizona. In order to jerry-rig our trip's price we ended up having to fly into PHX before getting to LAX. It was exciting. Especially when you consider that Phoenix was 116 when we landed (at 5 pm. and people wonder why I think Arizona is a completely useless place). After hunting down coffee (one Starbucks in the whole Phoenix airport? PDX had an independent coffee place every other shop.), we ate some more (I swear), then boarded our flight to LAX. Which was a delightfully quiet flight. Michael picked us up from the airport and we promptly found an In-N-Out and, golly, ate some more.  We finally arrived home at 11pm, and immediately fell into bed. Exhausting, but wonderful trip!

So sorry to bore you all with these posts, but I honestly haven't had so much fun on a trip in a long time. I am so excited about moving to this bizarre town. Regular posts to resume!

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  1. It looks like you're going to have a great time at college. All of the beaver stuff just kills me, as I collect it since it's my (married into) last name.
    ♡ Brooke