August 22, 2011

Last Summer Dress

These photos are weirdly grain-y. Darn Sunshine.


Last Summer Dress: Made by me
Shoes- Kork-Ease, thrifted!
Cardigan- Thrifted
Bangles- random shop in Corvallis and LA garment district (odd combo)
Earrings- De*lux (RIP)

I don't know why I like this but I do.

Oh look! The Wall! Long time no see. This is what happens when you forget to take pictures the day before and have to take them at work.



Here is my Last Summer Dress! I am officially done with my summer sewing list and am now onto making things for Autumn! I'll be showing you guys more that later this week, but my oh my I am quite in love with this dress. I was very near adding a ruffle to the hem, but in the end I decided on something a little more simple. The lace bit down the pleat is vintage from my stash. I think I picked it up at last year's Pilgrim Place Festival? The yellow ribbon down the middle is velvet and I just love it! I've still got a bit left and I'm thinking of making a Sorbetto top out of this same fabric, so I may use it there too. But all in all I love it! I hope you all love your dress just as much!!! I can't wait to see them! So leave a comment below with a link to your dress and later today I will post pictures of everyone's work! Remember to include whether you want your name and link included or not!



Also, this is my go-to hairstyle this summer. I cannot wait to have the patience to pin-curl and roll my hair again, but I do quite like this easy side braid thing.

Oh look at someone's super hot cardigan tan line. I hate sunburns.

So these shoes! I am so thrilled with them! I've seen these shoes all over the blogging world and have been quite enamored with them. However I could not afford the $125 price tag. Then I went to Goodwill. I had no intention of going to Goodwill that day, but something told me just to pop in. And there, waiting for me were a pair of Kork-Ease in my size that had never been worn!!!!!!! I squealed and checked the price. This Goodwill has a nasty habit of overpricing things. $5.99. $5.99!!!!! Needless to say they are mine now. And I am very happy with that. They're an older version of this pair, but I don't really care. I got them at like a 95% discount. I'm a happy camper.

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