August 5, 2011

Sorbetto Dress Sew Along: Inspiration And Finding Your Size

One of the attractions of sewing it that you can not only customize the fit of your garment, but also the look. If you want bows on everything you own, you can add them! Love lace? Does Ric-rack send your heart a-flutter? Well now you have the power to add whatever your heart desires! So have fun! Get a sketch book, even if you aren't the world's greatest artist, sketch out a few design options. Search the web for ideas. The best thing about this pattern is that there are endless possiblities! You can pretty much add anything you'd like. Below I've listed a few fun embellishments to get your creative thoughts stewing, as well as some examples of what other people have done with the Sorbetto Pattern.

Pretty Sweet {click for source}

Skip the pleat-
Some people are really afraid of pleating, and while pleating a skirt is not the easiest task, making one pleat in a tank, is ridiculously simple. However, if you're just not a fan, you can omit the pleat. Colette Pattern's blog has a tutorial on how to do just that!

Colette Patterns Sorbetto Top
{click image for source}

Colette Patterns; Sorbetto
Love the hem stitching here!
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Sorbetto Colette pattern and Vogue 2907

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Bias Tape-
Bias tape is just about the handiest little thing ever. You can use it as facing, seam binding, and decorative touches. One of the things I love most about Colette patterns is the fact that they put up useful tutorials all the time. For this specific project check your their tutorials on making your own bias tape, and how to make a rouleau. You could make a pretty design to go around the neck, or down the front pleat with the rouleau. Also think about your seam binding as a design element. Do you want a contrast, or a more polished, solid look? Keep this in mind as you source your fabric. Instead of bias tape you can also try using piping.

A Good Wardrobe {click for source}

Google images
Invert it-
When I started to stitch my first Sorbetto up, I made the brain dead mistake of sewing the pleat inside out. But some ladies have done it intentionally! Inverting the pleat give you a more modern tunic shape. Perfect for summer! Stitch the top and bottom of the pleat backwards and attack your skirt, and you have a totally unique dress!

Caroline's Crafty Adventures {Click for source}

via Sewing Pattern Review {click for source}

Sew What's New {Click for source}
It's all in the Details-
Lace, ribbon, buttons, Oh my! Here's where you get creative! Piping, ric-rack, you name it, it will work with this pattern. These are just a handful of the ways others have jazzed up their Sorbetto. I adore this version by a commenter on the Colette forum. You can even try pin tucks! See a dress with an interesting detail, adapt it! The possibilities are limitless! For more ideas check out Mena's Seven Days of Sorbetto challenge. I love the version with braiding at the neck!

Finding your size for this pattern is really very easy. Once we start making our dress, we're actually going to be shortening the pattern so you don't need a hip measurement. Simply take a measuring tape and wrap it around your bust at the "widest" part. (right across the girls) The number where the tape measure meets the other end is your bust size. Repeat the same for your waist measurement. Compare your measurements and find the closest match (if you're between sizes, go a size up. You can always take things in, but you can't always let things out.). Now check the finished garment measurements (I believe only the bust is listed on this pattern). The is if way off? then go down a size. This is the size you'll cut out. 

Next time we'll be assembling our pattern! Almost there! Have you picked out your fabric yet? What are you using?

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