October 11, 2011

Here Comes The Sun


You guys, You rock. Seriously. You are all so freaking amazingly wonderful people. Yesterday I came back from class after a pretty ace day, and find all kinds of lovely emails and comments and I spent the next twenty minutes crying tears of joy because you guys are such a blessing to me! I mean it. Thank you for being your awesome selves! And for those who emailed me, I will be getting back to you ASAP, which probably means after I am done butchering Mozart today (actually, surprisingly I won't be butchering it that badly!). But thank you all again.

Flower- F21
Earrings- Target
Blouse- Made by me
Cardigan- Target
Sweater Guard- Vintage, Pasadena Flea ($5 woohoo!)
Skirt- That old Bitten by SJP one that I altered forever ago
Tights- Target ?
Flats- Off Saks


I don't know about you, but I am one of those people who like to keep their emotions locked up to the best of their abilities. I tend to be the one others come to, and I really love being there for people, but sometimes I think that means I can't open up even a little bit. But then I do, and am reminded of several things. A) that hiding my emotions is totally useless because I suck at hiding them and am an open book, so much so that my new voice teacher who I have met all of four times now, noticed and stopped to see if I was okay because I looked stressed and distressed. B) I have been blessed by the most amazing friends, new and old, who encourage and strengthen me. C) When it comes to a family I won the jackpot, and no one will ever be so lucky again. Sometimes it does a body good to be reminded of those things.


So I am happy to report that I am doing much better. An email from my dad, some serious thinking time, and a revelation as I was falling asleep, landed me on a high note yesterday, and I was kinda hyper for the rest of the day. I did a little sewing, ate a piece of cake, danced around my room to The Beatles, and generally decided to focus on the sunny side of life. The Vitamin D pill might have helped... 


How sweet is this little Ballerina and Ballerino sweater guard? Even if he is missing his hand... 
I like to pretend they are star crossed lovers, always reaching for the other, never to be joined. 
Because I give inanimate objects emotional responses.



And I have a ridiculously easy tutorial for achieving this hair style coming this week (Friday... I think. If we're lucky, Wednesday), and it is seriously the shortest video I've ever made. Cuz I love y'all.

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