October 10, 2011

No Place Like Home

California Wall

Deer to me

Shut up. I love Edward Cullen.

California Wall

California Wall

California Wall
Silly drawings from silly girls, Disneyland, Bachelorette Party, NYC, Silly sleepovers, Goofy mini golfers, Concert queens... 
(My California Wall. Little bits from home to get me through the bad days)

I've watched the Wizard of Oz about 6 times since I came up here. Missing my family something awful and needing a good cry? Watch Wizard of Oz. Angry about my being a crappy musician? Watch Wizard of Oz. Have a bad day and just want a hug from your mom and dad? Watch Wizard of Oz. I can't say that it makes me really feel any better, I just love it, and it does the "I really just need to cry for three days in a row and I am not even PMSing" job. Interestingly my dorm room is pretty much Wizard of Oz themed. Now if only my sparkly red shoes could take me home...

Bed Head


Wall Art

Beauty Queen



"If love were a taste, it would be bittersweet" - my little brother Fraser, poet extraordinaire.

Good memories

Solvang, Mexico (and some 2nd degree sunburns), Grammar Class. 
Where my head got decorated in toilet paper and glitter glue. 
On 80's day...
Ah, High School...

Fun Fact: Steven Spielberg took the photo at The Statue of Liberty. No joke!

Mr. Apollo who told me he'd see me at the Met (and three weeks later I got a rejection letter from Juilliard, So like thanks for nothing dude :-) ). Mr. Russian Hat Man took our picture at the Statue of Liberty. Mr. Russian Hat Man was Steven Spielberg... 

High School...

Sunburns, Solveng, and a unicorn. Yeah. (rare viewing of Ashley and her Hippie days...)


The only thing worth going to the Mall for.


Post on that pile of patterns coming soon!

See my clothes did fit

I knew I could get all my clothes in there!!

See my clothes did fit

(p.s. in the interest of honesty, I am not doing too well. I really, really, really miss home and had a colossally bad week. I like my classes, but some bad news and a bad day (okay several bad days) really got me down into a funk I can't seem to get out of. So if it seems quiet, well that's why. I don't really want to bombard y'all with my tear stained face, or me moaning about wishing for a home cooked meal and how I wake up each morning thinking I'm back in my bed in my home. I'll be fine, I'm just going through a rough patch, and we all knew it was coming. I'm actually impressed it took a whole two weeks! So worry not, I'm alive, well, just a little heart heavy. I will be back to my usual sunny self in a bit.


  1. Oh, Ms. Ashley...funks are not a good place to be at. Go over to my blog...I posted a picture that's sure to make you smile!


  2. i love you edward cullen figure! i want one, but i have the life size cut out at my bedroom at home! haha :) x