October 24, 2011





I swear I'd posted these already, but apparently not. The Saturday before my family left Corvallis we went into Portland to meet my grandparents for lunch and bum around Powell's. My dad actually flew in that morning and we picked him up before going into Powell's. It's been a little over 4 years since the kids had been there, and Grace was only two then, so it was neat to see them re-discover all of the Powell's Books glory. Grace asked me if I'd take her to the kid's section at one point so we headed that way. She saw a small section of kid's books and pointed saying "Oh there it is!" and started rushing towards it. Then I told her that was just a small section of the kid's section and showed her the whole thing. Her eyes bugged out and she had this crazy goofy grin from ear to ear! It was hilarious! It's nice to have these pictures and those silly stories for days when I'm a little homesick (Grace is currently obsessed with the idea of homesickness). The best thing about pictures is the little memories they bring back. Like Delaney and I gushing over shoes in Anthropologie, or my mom scowling as I bought yet another coffee mug (it was pink and had an A on it, what was I supposed to do?), or my dad (literally) explaining Quantum Physics to Eric while I played Angry Birds on my mom's phone, or watching Fraser be really brave and order calamari for lunch and then asking if we could trade lunches because it just "wasn't what he was really hungry for right now" and my clam chowder was what he really wanted.  It was a good day.

My grandma insisted on waiting in the ridiculously long line to procure these. There's a Maple Bacon bar in there somewhere. She tried pawning some off on me, but I do not like doughnuts (yeah, yeah, but seriously it's like eating sugar air and then there's that residue that the cake leaves in your mouth... ICK!)


1. Yes she is actually drinking black coffee. Yes she drank the whole thing. 2. My grandma threatened to buy one of these for all of us, but ran out of Cash. 3. God Bless Cash Only vendors.



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