October 13, 2011

Sailor Cowgirl

Or I really need more rain appropriate shoes...


In real life I liked this outfit. In real life I got a ton of compliments. In real life I felt like a million bucks. But apparently none of this was picked up in these photos. So you just have to believe me that it looked a whole lot less weird in real life.



And while I did like this outfit, I'm not such a huge fan of this skirt. It is Colette Ginger skirt, and while I loved putting it together (hour and a half folks!), the end result is not my favourite on me. I just don't think it's a shape that is particularly flattering. I know, it's an A-line, my supposed favourite skirt style, but something about the cut of this one combined with the waistband just doesn't really work. I probably should have graded a bit more room in the hips, but alas. It is wearable and cute, so it's not a total failure, I'm just not it's biggest fan. I should say that this is such a great pattern, especially for beginners, and I've seen many on the web that I've just adored, but I think for me I need to play with the shape and proportions a bit more before I make this up again.



Not to drag this out at all, but I'm finally feeling like myself again!. I just woke up Tuesday filled with my usual joy, I had a great hair and makeup day (I actually wore eye shadow!), and my classes have all gone well. Let me re-phrase that: My classes were SO MUCH BETTER than the last week.  We worked on Figaro this week and I left feeling better than when I came in and not like a crappy musician! Hale-freaking-luia. So how are y'all? 

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