October 14, 2011

Some Real Old Stuff.

I like old stuff. I like Music. So Music History is my favourite class (despite how much bloody reading we have). Today we took a field trip across the lawn to the Library which houses a 14th Century Gradual (basically an ancient hymnal). Yes. All 37 lbs of Illuminated pages, leather bound wood cover, iron working, and some knights slaying a dragon. None of us are quite sure why our library happens to have this beast of awesomeness, but I for one am mighty glad they do. You can even ask for a special viewing to handle the thing on your own... It was hard to suppress my inner nerd. And let me tell you, the few snaps I got do not do it justice! Oh and we also got to hold a Nobel Prize and a Nobel Peace Prize (which I took a pic on my phone but not on my camera and have no way of getting it off my phone, so epic fail). No Big Deal.

Now I am off to spend the weekend with my grandparents on the coast! See you all next week!!

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