November 13, 2011

Not So Lazy Sunday


Last night we had a pretty wonderful storm. I love how many more leaves were on the ground today, than yesterday.

Sundays are my favourite days. I always try to make them the most calm and relaxing day of my week, so when Monday comes around I am ready for it! This weekend I had a ton of stuff to do (I still do!), but I always find that when I have much to do, it is worth it to incorporate little things that make you smile into your day. So I did. I listened to Christmas music, and did a few things around my room. It's been a nice day.


Pumpkin Spice donuts and coffee from my family. Delicious!


Pin curled my hair last night and had the best results I've had in months!



I've been meaning to fill this vintage compact I got at the Pasadena Flea for $5. Today was the day!


I even melted down some nearly empty lipsticks to fill the space for rouge. I am totally in love with the end result!


Pretty little compact!


All filled up! I cut down a powder puff to fit in there too! 

I still have a fair bit to do (paper to write, 2 chapters to read, clothes to hang up), but it really has been a lovely day!

How is you Sunday going?

1 comment:

  1. I love your little compact! You did a great job. Glad to know I'm not the only one who is already listening to Christmas music!