November 8, 2011

Wool and Scare Tactics


Sweater- Vintage, thrifted
Blouse- Thrifted
Football Brooch- Vintage, Etsy
Hairbow- Thrifted
Skirt- Made by me
Tights (which are maroon, not a black abyss)- Target
Shoes- Ralph Lauren, thrifted gift from my sister.

Excuse the rather haggard look about me. I just finished a 3 hour run through where I dance a lot because I am a Pimp Queen in disguise as a cocktail waitress. Oh and I wear a purple sequin mini-dress while Mozart rolls over in his unmarked grave. 

I spent my first (and, *cough cough* last) free weekend in three weeks making me some warmer clothes. Or at least I intended to get a few projects done, but this skirt was all that actually was finished. Not that this is a bad thing because, let me tell you, I kind of did an awesome job on this skirt. I hand stitched the waistband AND the hem. You are free to be impressed now. The fabric is some vintage wool I picked up at a church rummage sale in 2008 for ten cents. There wasn't much, maybe a yard and a half, but I managed to squeeze a skirt out of it. Of course making this dang thing was fraught with disaster, but in the end I am very proud of it. I added some piping to the waistband to give it a bit more oomph, and since the waistband ended up being so narrow I used snaps to close it. Sadly there are no pockets as I ran out of fabric and didn't have anything suitable to use for them, but otherwise it is perfect! I'm very happy with my darling new skirt!



When I put this ensemble together I realized two things. First, I totally look collegiate, and second, this is a very good outfit to sum up my current style preferences.  Part girl-next-door, part Gidget, part Rosie the Riveter, and incredibly girly. I like that. The only aspect missing is my rather strange penchant for dressing like a farm-girl. I doesn't take me long to get ready, but I still feel and look great. Which is nice considering how little time I generally have to get ready in the morning.


In other news last night I had a dream that I was missing one of my front teeth and that one of my professors told me he liked me better with bangs because he didn't have to see my eyebrows. Today this same professor said this exact thing to me " When you are as famous as Renee Fleming you can sing whatever notes you want to, but I will mark your grade down if you don't sing them right in here." He followed this comment by saying I was a master at never dropping character and he was so thrilled for Magic Flute. It takes all of my strength to pretend he doesn't scare and intimidate the daylights out of me. Oh joy...

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