November 4, 2011

Something to remember me by

Okay so I am being dramatic, but seriously, it would be awesome if departments could get their act together and not schedule concerts and midterms on the same day, or at least not at the same time. Today I have a midterm at 10, one at 11 and a concert at 11. So once this issue was raised my schedule now looks like this: Midterm at 10. Midterm at 10:30-11:30, concert call at 11:30. Yeah, they really helped us work that out.... And after my audition last night I now have a callback today as well. It was a weird audition, a good one, but a weird one. They told me that they had already decided that I would have a callback which is awesome considering I decided to audition on Wednesday (okay, re-decided, because I went through a dark phase of self-doubt and anger at "the man" and the ridiculousness of the university system and decided not to audition. I'd tell you what made me re-decide but it sounds way too catty). For the call back I have to read dialogue (there is a bit of dialogue in the particular opera), which means I have to pretend I can act while speaking. Everyone who sees me perform music thinks I am such a great actress until I actually talk. This is because my method of aria acting is look like I am in pain the whole time. Considering that 99% of the characters die in 99% of operas this usually works...







On a happier note, the other day there was a box in the music building marked "free." It was filled to the brim with these hats. So every single music student emptied the thing out in about five minutes. They were extensively used last weekend (more on that later), and the gradstudent's office had about 20 stowed away. I don't really know why we all took such a fancy to them, but we did...


  1. Where did you find the third photo down? It looks like an old 4-H Dress Revue. The stripey flag thing on the wall says, "Head", which is in the 4-H motto.

  2. OK wrong post. I thought I was on the one with the old photos of girls.