November 2, 2011

Excused Absence

This is going to be a crazy week (Friday I have a midterm at 10, a midterm at 11, a concert call time at 11, and possibly a call back sometime. Anyone want to trade Fridays?). My friend Spencer and I have decided we need T-shirts that say "I survived Week 6 OSU Music 2011." The idea is quickly gaining popularity.  I have more music to memorize than I have hours in the day, and I am hemming dresses for our choir concert... It's just a crazy week. So instead of looking at my disheveled mug, here are some cute college girls looking not disheveled. How is your week going?!

Oh and have you seen this yet? These suitcases from an old asylum are fascinating! I just finished watching the first series of Bedlam so I am totally over-romanticizing these, but seriously they are gorgeous! The slippers in particular take my breath away!

And also I just found this blog. You have to admit it is hilarious. But please, if you are easily offended, please don't click the link. But you also totally should and then laugh obnoxiously like I did.

1 comment:

  1. ahh good luck on friday!!! hope it all goes well for ya! Lovely pictures you picked out here :)