January 30, 2012

High School Dance

For those who do not know, I was homeschooled my whole life. I began attending a community college at 16 so I could earn both college and high school credit. Around age 9 my desire to attend a "real" school subsided. In High School there were times when I would wish I went to "real" school so I could join in all the fun things I was convinced High Schoolers did. Basically in my head High School events were something like this (excellent wardrobe included), and summers were spent as such. The first time I ever actually went to a high school was while in college and I went home and thanked my parents for never sending me there (it was to the High School I'd have gone to, and it was very much like a horrific prison.). Besides I had a great childhood, with wonderful friends I still am close to today! However I find that being a grownup in college has led me to partake in some of those rituals I thought were a part of the thing every teenager should do. Like late parties filled with really weird happenings, and that was before the drag queens showed up... Turns out I didn't miss much honestly. Except for maybe prom, or dances and stuff, those might have been fun right? The equivilent of prom for me was spent in a dumpy building eating terrible food and watching what might have been the worst "dinner theatre" play ever written, did I mention it was old west themed? I wore a cowboy hat.   Actually while I was home I found an old SD card with pictures from my senior year on it. This was my prom attire:


Sarah doing her best Rachel Leigh Cook impersonation, and me not wearing a bra like a boss. I totally disregarded the inch and a half strap rule, because I was the only senior and didn't get to go on the harbour cruise like I wanted to (did I mention the the seniors were supposed to be the ones who chose what we did??). Also my jewelry was vintage, and yes my hair was dyed black. Oh to be 18 and a total dumbass.



Such little babies. I'd like to say we improved with age. But...

Not really.


Look at itty bitty Fraser! And I have no idea why we were at my grandparents house....

There was no dancing at our "proms," though my Freshman year a friend of mine and I began to swing dance to Harry Connick Jr. which apparently branded us as hussies. There were really pretty silly looking back, but at the time they were THE thing. But it's been nearly seven years since I graduated high school, (don't remind me of that again.) and considering the fact that I wasn't much a fan of it the first time, I am not so keen to repeat any bit of it. 

Note to self: Blowing up balloons on the 3rd floor when they need to be on the second floor is a bad idea.


Me and Jordan!

Pretty Melissa!

My darling girl, Laura!

Those dumb balloons....

So when Choir Ball was announced, I shook my head, rolled my eyes and wondered why on earth anyone would want a high school dance while in college. I wasn't going to go. Until I found out that all of my close friends were going and with a sigh, I caved into peer pressure just like I was 18 all over again. Everyone was making plans for their gowns, and pre-gaming, which is apparently a thing I didn't know about until a week ago, and decor, and disco balls, and dj's.... There was a part of me that wanted to throw up. Even up until the last minute I considered not going. I'd spent hours helping decorate (stringing balloons on fishing line is not a career option for me), being irritated with the lack of help (especially since I wasn't supposed to), and having 20 minutes to get ready in the end. I arrived an hour late. Most everyone else arrived an hour and a half late. I was chatted with by people who reeked of cheap booze, surrounded by polyester in the most heinous of colours, listened to a playlist that actually nearly killed me, was so hot I began to wonder if I should have just stayed in California, and y'know what? I actually had a good time. I know, I didn't expect it either. The freshman wore their prom dresses, actually a lot of girls wore their prom dresses, others wore club wear, I paraded around in a vintage satin and lace dress and Nanette Lapour heels, and looked awkward as I learned that "dancing" means hopping up and down and grinding on someone's leg. I laughed with friends who all looked lovely, I ate far too many cupcakes, and left promptly as soon as the thing was over so I could crawl into bed like the grandma I am. And in a way I felt a little satisfied. I finally got to go to prom, and actually wore something I loved, and had a magically weird night and laughed with people I really love. So all in all, it was a success. 

Choir Ball
Me, Hatz, Laura, and Jordan!

Choir Ball

Laura, Allison, and me. Allison: "That is just not going to be a good picture!"

Choir Ball
Images c/o Erica.

Jade, Me, Xandra, Laura, Melissa. My hair got weirder looking as the night went on...

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