February 1, 2012

Summer Dreamin'

Happy February! I feel like January was such a slow month (or maybe it's just the fact that this term is slowly killing me)! As much as I am loving have a somewhat real winter, I feel like this is the first time in my life where I am actually excited for summer. When not faced with the impending doom of triple digits and with the knowledge that a little warm weather will be welcome after months of the bitter cold (don't even, I totally love it), I am enjoying taking a few moments here and there to day dream of those few classes free days (even though I am taking summer session!) and all the wonderful adventures that await. I have this idea in my head of the mood I want for this summer: soft focus, soft colours, a little flower child meets farm girl. It makes sense in my head. These are the things I'm looking forward to:


Sandal wearing. Especially if they match a certain small redhead's.


Lots of gallivanting in fields.


A trip back to my hometown to just take in this view.




These girls, picnics, old-fashioned sodas in glass bottles. Or just these girls. That works too.


Swimming with a fishy-girl who is pretty stinkin' cute.


And This.


Hikes to magical places.


A waterfall or twelve


Fresh berries for pies and me to gobble.

San Mateo Creek

pretty creeks to relax by

Self Portrait

straw hats and a replacement for my poor favourite dress ever. 


Her. And Gelato. But mostly her. Even when she's being pedantic, she's still the best listener on the planet.


Them together. and maybe a concert.


Here for hours on end.


These, because they make my heart sing.


This girl, cuz I am not sure she knows just how great she really is. And she is pretty freaking great.


And she, because I miss being the cool big sister and hunting down all of my stuff in her room. And also cuz she's kind of adorable.

What are you looking forward to this Summer?

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