January 16, 2012


Falling Snow


The first pair of shoes I could find.

I texted this picture to my friends and family back home. Charissa's response was that I looked like a crazy bag lady. Need I remind you I had just woken up.



I rarely check the forecast these days. I usually wake up to partly sunny skies and assume it will be cold. Tights, boots, scarf, coat, mittens in my bag just in case. This last week it was sunny and bitterly cold and I quite liked it. I like those sunny cold days. I like the non sunny ones too, but I feel as if everything is just a bit prettier as the sun shines down without the express intent to boil your skin. (this is my California relationship to the sun and as with any abusive relationship it's been hard to get over.) My friend Laura and I were commenting on how wonderful the weather had been (she being from New Mexico can sympathize with my hatred of the sun.) of late when she informed me that the rain would be returning come the weekend. No matter, I do love me some rain, and that is one of the very reasons I moved to Oregon. later in the week my friend Spencer informed me that snow was threatening for the weekend. I'd heard that one before. The weekend of our Opera Workshop performance last Fall was supposedly to be graced with snow, but we were stood up (much to the joy of our ticket sales.). So I kept it in the back of my mind not expecting much. Saturday night I talked to Grace on Skype and told her it was supposed to snow on Sunday. She was excited, but I told her not to get her hopes up. I'd done a good job of keeping mine down and figured that if I did indeed wake to find snow, it would only be a smattering most of which would be melted by the time I had to leave for church. So I made a cotton skirt to wear for Sunday and went to bed with visions of striped Summer dresses in my head. Afterall I had just finished typing a post filled with pretty Summer inspiration. It was so not going to snow.







Sunday morning I woke up later than I'd planned. I picked up my phone checked my email, read a comment on facebook, and began to contemplate whether I wanted a bagel or bacon and eggs for breakfast. I sat up and noticed a bright glow from my window. I suddenly remembered: "oh I wonder if it did snow at all?" I peeked out my blinds and squealed with delight! In a flash a pair of shoes were found, a coat was tossed on and I ran to the elevator in my nightgown. Outside, the world was covered in beautiful white powder and more came down as I stood in my own private bliss. I walked to church as the snow came down harder (I did change from my nightgown), so hard in fact that I had to wear sunglasses to keep it out of my eyes. By the time I left church most of it had melted, but I didn't care. It was just beautiful! It picked up again that night re-covering the world in a blanket of white. It was magical really! I stood outside in the night watching those white flecks float down in slow motion. So beautiful. 






I leave you with this fantastic rendition of Baby It's Cold Outside, courtesy of none other than myself and Miss Grace.

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  1. Beautiful! I wish some of that snow would find it's way down to Georgia!