February 13, 2012

Ashley and Sports

On Sunday Laura and I went to a Basketball game. I am not exactly a sporty person. I like Baseball because I understand it, I enjoy playing tennis, I'm quite fond of croquet and surfing (but not together cuz that would be weird), but that's about the extent of my knowledge of sports. I showed up to the game in a red polka-dot dress. I was the only one not decked out in OSU or UW paraphernalia. (okay to be fair I brought my OSU sweatshirt but only because I don't own another light jacket.) Being Homeschooled I never participated in school sporting events. I went to a Home Coming game at RCC but only because I was in the halftime show (which was so embarrasing I don't even want to discuss it. A hint: Caberet, lingerie. Don't ask), and left as soon as I was done. So I don't even have much in the way of sporting event attendance to speak of.

But Laura wanted me to go, so I did. And it was actually a ton of fun! I'm not saying I am a convert, but y'know what, a little school spirit never hurt anyone. And it was also a very nice study break. Apparently I am also hilarious company at sporting events. I said a few things and Laura texted them to our friend Allison who in turn drew this comic of us at the game. The weirdest part, I was going to wear this outfit tomorrow...

Art Work by Allison Knotts

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