March 21, 2012

Thoughts on Snow...

(I wrote this back in January and it never bothered posting. I decided to go ahead and post it this week, and woke this morning to find it had snowed... Funny how these things turn out.)

There is something utterly heart breaking about watching snow melt. I find that it's something that I try not to think about, as in conciously making a choice to completely ignore it because it's hard to think about. Snow is so under appreciated. Like most things, people are fine with it in the beginning, they take advantage of all of it's fun, enjoy a new scenery, but then they turn on it. The roads are terrible, it's too cold, now the grass is soggy, my boots are soaked.... it goes on. Snow is a novelty for me I admit. But how can you be anything but in awe of something so utterly magical? Those once naked trees suddenly covered in glittering white, the world is brighter, things are quiet and still. Yes it's cold, but throw on another sweater and some wool socks, tie a winter bonnet under your chin, and go outside to feel the air around you. You're cold? Good news, you're alive.  Your cheeks will be pinker, your eyes brighter, and your lungs filled with pure clean air.  Just walk, slowly. Take it all in. And that's why it's hard to watch it melt. It's leaving you and you're not sure when it will return. There's rumor it might be tonight, but it could be months for all you know. It's hard to watch something you love leave, especially when it's something that makes your world so much brighter and worth living. Even when it's something that at times really drives you mad! Maybe you've been unfairly negative towards it. Maybe it's leaving reminded you of some really wonderful things about it, things you had forgotten how much you loved. But now it's gone and the world is a little greyer, a little damper, a little less magical. But you have to hold onto all those things you love about it. Lock them away safe inside you where you can recall them at a moment's notice to relive all those things. It is then that you have to remind yourself that life is like a boomarang. Things always come back. They always return to where they belong. It might take a while, a long while even, but they always go home.  So the snow must melt, it must leave, but it's never forever. It will always come back.

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