April 12, 2012


BRB guys, I'm busy doing this:

Which by the way, was the first time ever. Like, ever, ever. For me at that is. He's a nice fellow, and a good sport who was very polite about my bonking his head with mine. 

Good Lord I love my "job." That's not what I meant. I am a mess in this business. 

As an added bonus here is both our favourite shot from the night. Our characters move fast, but not this fast
I call this "Kiss to Fondle in 2.5 Seconds"

(and for the record *Charissa* I am actually incredibly embarrassed by the whole thing (oh yes, there is a fantastic story to go along with these photos), and each time I see them I am over come with a ridiculous urge to giggle obnoxiously and blush, but they're kinda cute, and I am kinda obsessed with this show and so excited for it!)

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