April 7, 2012

Pioneers of the Stars

My darling Best Friend Sarah's awesome boyfriend recently released an e-book! It's the first in a Fantasy/Sci-Fi series, and is available on Amazon. Here's a little more about the book Sarah sent me:

"Cody Sherer is a new author who has just published his first book on Amazon. His new book is exciting and his characters leave you wanting more. It is selling on Amazon for $2.99, this is a very reasonable price for this interesting story. Head over to Amazon to check it out. You don't need a Kindle or other device to read it, you can read it after purchase right on their website."

You can purchase the book here  If you click the view it now link you can read a sample of the book on Amazon. Cody also has a Facebook fan page you can check out!  Be sure to read it, it's very good!! 

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