April 5, 2012

Snow and Ice Cream

So here's the thing. I lived in So. California for 24 years and 1 month (give or take). Laura has lived in So. New Mexico for 21 years. We have no idea how to behave in the cold. Alright, I admit it. I love the cold, I love the rain, I love the snow, but I have no bleeding idea how to manage my life around these. I have about 50 pairs of shoes I haven't worn since I left California, I honestly have no idea how to dress, and the idea of braving the elements freaks me out. So on Wednesday I woke up to snow. I was freaked out because I had quite a few major plans for that day (including one I will tell you all about later). The day involved treks up snow covered hills, exploding cardboard boxes, creeping along slippery streets, and a lot of heavy lifting. Luckily Laura and my friend Allison kindly (patiently, saintly-ly) helped me with all of these things. They were angels, and put up with so many of my shenanigans and also picked up my shoes as they covered the snow covered sidewalk (like I said, later). So the plan was for Laura and I to head to the coast on Thursday. But then we got to thinking about how much ice would be on the roads if we left then and decided to brave the snow and drive the two hours to the coast in what was essentially to us, a blizzard. We called our parents and my grandparents to inform them of our plans and to potentially say our final goodbyes. After a quick coffee and snack stop, we were on our way.

What this photo doesn't show is the giant sized snowflakes pelting the car. It was crazy! At one point we made a wrong turn that almost landed us on some black ice, but luckily we avoided that! The drive was actually enjoyable, good tunes and conversations and about a half an hour away from my grandparents we finally got out of the snow. My grandpa said the car looked like a snowplow when we got there because of all the snow on the front. Crazy!

I swear my face isn't actually 3 times the size of Laura's. It was just the camera angle... (or that's what I keep telling myself!)

But after a good night's sleep we woke up and threw on some clothes to head down to the beach. I love the Oregon beach. It's so unlike the beaches I grew up with and it's just so relaxing. We took some pictures and met a lovely lady and her dog, and strolled around until we headed back to the house to get ready to head into Lincoln City for some shopping! We kept our shopping to a minimum but had a lovely time and ended our shopping with some yummy Chinese food. 

When we got back to my Grandparent's house, Laura and I left on our own for an adventure in the Woods. I found that sign way funnier than it was. We ended up driving out to Cloverdale (the "town" with more cows than people) in search of a place I remembered going to as a kid that was an old-fashioned Ice Cream parlour. Somehow I managed to get us there despite the fact that it's been almost 15 years since I was there last! It might have helped that Cloverdale has about four shops in it total... But the shop was exactly as I remembered it and the ice cream delicious! I had a black and white sundae which was chocolate ice cream with marshmallow topping and vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, topped with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry. Laura got a chocolate-peanut butter sundae, which was also delicious! On our way back to my grandparent's house we drove around the town and found this beautiful church. My grandma said the inside is really breathtaking so maybe someday I'll go back and try to see inside. But the outside was enough eye candy for now!

All in all, an excellent start to and excellent Spring Break!

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