May 9, 2012

Too Big

You have probably noticed a lack of outfit posts around here. Well here is why, when I got into dress rehearsals a few weeks ago I realized that many of the pieces (there were like, seven different pieces to my costume...) were suddenly too big. By mid week of of the following week I found I'd lost 4 inches all around. Which is great! But I ended up having to have my skirt taken in and my belt ended up having to be buckled at the last buckle in order to fit. I haven't really been doing anything special to lose weight, but I do walk much more now that I live off campus, and also I don't eat processed dinning hall food three times a day, and while I had noticed that many of my clothing items were fitting better I didn't realize how much I'd lost until then. This last week I started going through my clothes and found that many of them are just huge now. For example:

This skirt I made in November. As you can see it's about four inches too big now.

These pants I made last August I believe. They fit me then, but now they're huge everywhere!!

This one still "fits" technically. Actually the skirt fits better than it ever has, but the blouse part is huge! The waist is pretty big too, but the blouse is the worst part. I've never been able to wear this dress without a slimmer of some sort so that is definitely an improvement!

This leaves me with the problem of having no clothes that actually fit me. Everything is either too big, or just a little too small. But I am hoping to lose some more weight, so I don't really want to make too many things right now. The items above I'll probably end up taking in so I can use them for the time being, but it's actually super frustrating!! Don't get me wrong, I am elated! But I'd also like to have some clothes. Grr, but a happy Grr. 

Sorry about the radio silence this past week. The end of Magic Flute hit me harder than I thought. Good Lord I miss that show and those kids, and even those seven layers of polyester I called my costume. 
How is everyone's week going?

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