June 21, 2012


(So this was supposed to be posted yesterday, and apparently I forgot to actually schedule it! oops!)

Abbey: Hey would you want to go with me to my family reunion in California?
Ashley: I'd love to, that sounds like fun. Where in California is it?
Abbey: I don't know.
Ashley: Northern or Southern?
Abbey: Well I know when the whole state was burning they had to move it to the Redwoods. We go camping at some lake.
Ashley: The state burns every year, this tells me nothing.
Abbey: Well it's further south than the Redwoods. I think it's in Southern California.
Ashley: Really? I wonder where. How funny would it be if we just surprised my parents one day. Is it Lake Arrowhead?
Abbey: I don't know.
Ashley: Maybe Lake Elsinore?
Abbey: I really don't know.
Ashley: Well find out! If we're close enough to my family we could totally surprise them!
Abbey: That would be hilarious. I'll find out.


Abbey: We go to Trinity Lake. Where is that?
Ashley: I have never heard of it. *Googles it* Hahahaha!! Oh wow. Yeah it's north of Frisco. That isn't exactly close to my family. Oh well. When do we leave?
Abbey: Well how much farther is it to go to where you're from?
Ashley: Well Frisco is an 8 and a half hour drive, so maybe 9 hours-ish. Oh Google says 10 and a half. Ha! Not the way I drive.
Abbey: That would be kinda fun you know.
Ashley: Wait, are you serious?
Abbey: Yeah! I like driving and I didn't really get a chance to meet your family properly.
Ashley: I am actually going to scream if you're serious.
Abbey: I am! It'll be fun, we'll go to the reunion and leave and head to your house. Besides, you don't start your job until the week after, and I am totally free that week too. Let's do it!

Later that day via text message:

Ashley: Hey Micheal, so I am planning on coming down as a surprise, would you help me organize people, be my inside man?
Micheal: I can throw a kegger.
Ashley: ... I'll call Chelsea.

Two Days Later:

Laura: Yep, I leave on Monday.
Ashley: So sad! We'll have to try and make trips to see each other! I'm going to miss you!
Laura: Me too! My aunt lives in Victorville so hopefully we can sync visits sometime and hang out then!
Ashley: Oh yeah! I didn't tell you either, I'm going back home as a surprise! No one but Micheal, my dad, and Chelsea know! I'll be there from the 17th-24th! For Gracie's Birthday and Father's-
Laura: Wait, what dates?
Ashley: the 17th through the 24th. Why?
Laura: because I am visiting my aunt from the 20th-25th!
Ashley: It's like the universe wants me to be in California that week.

Surprise! :-) Today I am off to go have lunch with Laura and her mom. This has been a good week.

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  1. Oh!
    That sounds just like me.
    I remember this conversation.
    I am still very glad we did that extra 9 hour drive.
    I had so much fun.
    Miss you.