June 21, 2012

See Spot Two Piece

See Spot Two Piece- Made by me
Bag- Vintage, thrifted
Shoes- K-Mart.

Confession time: this was a lot more flattering in my head than in real life. But here is the story anyway.

My mom has had this fabric in her stash since I can remember. Delaney made an apron out of it for a 4H project, I'm sure my mother made various things from it as well, but there is still like 30 yards of it. When I was home for Christmas I grabbed some to make a dress to wear to Disneyland. I intended to make up another one of these dresses, but something went wrong (I don't remember what) and I decided to scrap the top part and just make a skirt, but then the skirt was too big and the blouse too small.... Needless to say I did not wear this to Disneyland. I actually think I tossed the top in the trash out of frustration, but it somehow made it's way into a box that was sent to me. So both have sat in my fabric stash until now. I decided to go ahead and make a two piece for versatility/I didn't want to do too much seam ripping. I took the skirt in, the blouse now fits, so all that was really needed was to finish the hems of top and re-insert the zip on the skirt. Somewhere along the line I decided that making the top into a crop top would be a good idea. Here's the thing, I look terrible in crop tops like this apparently. I don't mind it too much, and I will wear it, but in hindsight this wasn't my brightest idea. 

I do like that it's a two piece though, and that the top is just long enough that I can tuck it in (luckily I made the skirt super high waisted!) and make it look like the dress I intended for it to be. Also, I have almost no printed skirts or tops (my wardrobe got really weirdly boring over the last few months somehow) so this does fit the bill there! It's been kinda fun to come up with new combinations with these two.

And apparently I cannot get my top back on in 10 seconds.

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