October 25, 2012

One Day of Autumn

I miss Oregon weather so much. These seemingly endless days of 80 and 90 degrees just make me cranky. I miss frolicking through fallen leaves, and wearing scarves. This past Sunday we got a small taste of real Autumn weather here so we headed up to Oak Glen. I hadn't been in over a year and it really is one of my favourite places in the world. Growing up, our first trip to Oak Glen marked the beginning of the Holiday season for me. It's a really beautiful and charming place. Our day was absolutely lovely and ended perfectly with a slice of apple pie. We're planning on going again next weekend when the Arkansas Blacks are ready, which I am totally okay with. I think I could happily spend all my time in Oak Glen.

Apple Cider Donuts!

My family of course stepped out in our finest. The boys looked quite dapper and everyone was really excited to finally get to wear some cooler weather clothes!

Grace's mermaid hair needs a touch up!

Happy Feets

This is pretty much my favourite photo taking spot. Something about this old store house reminds me of Ireland, and there is just so much charm oozing out of this tiny building. We were quite a spectacle taking about 100 pictures in front of those white washed walls. After we finished a flood of other people came over to take their own pictures. What can I say, we start trends.

We played with leaves while Eric was trying to be Smexshy 

The night before Fraser asked me to start teaching him how to sew. When I took this picture he told me that he was going for "Dapper Scottish Farmer" with this outfit. The kid's alright.

We pretended we were lost in a forest and had to forage for berries to survive. Sisters are silly.

Sisters are also crazy beautiful!

Mama's Bees!

This particular farm told us that since there were so few Raspberries left, we could just go pick them for free.
My dad is a lawyer.
Don't ever tell him something is free.
We spent about an hour picking and came away with this haul.

Those that appreciate them picked Strawberries (oh I think they are so gross!!) by the heapful.

Fraser found a Toad. I had a bad experience with a toad when I was in Jr. High. I do not like Toads.

But I got a caramel apple, so everything was okay.

It was a really wonderful day.

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