October 22, 2012

Sparkle Bows

Headband- Delaney's
Cardigan- Vintage, thrifted
Blouse- Target
Skirt- made by me
Shoes- thrifted

These are from Friday of last week. I was so tired when I finally got home (at nearly 7pm!) but I was determined to take some pictures of this outfit, mostly the cardigan. Actually these are all the photos I took. I just wanted to be in sweatpants and curled up in bed! So excuse my disheveled and tired appearance! It was the kind of day where I ate an entire package of Newman-O's. Yeah... (okay so my dad had a few too, but still..) 

I found this cardigan at Goodwill last Thursday. There's kind of a funny story to it. I was on the other side of this isle when I saw a perfect coloured mustard sweater, so I rushed over only to find that while the colour was perfect, the design was seriously crap (like 90's cheap juniors section crap). So I walked away. But then I came back trying to decide if it was worth it to buy and re-make (it was not), but it back, and then I saw a beautiful berry coloured cardigan that was vintage Sears I picked that up and right behind it was this bad boy, which caused a rather loud gasp to escape my lips. SO MUCH SPARKLES GUYS!!! I instantly fell in love.  There's no tag, but it's Chenille which leads me to believe it's older than my initial 1980's dating. Regardless, the beading is in perfect condition and I friggin' love it.

So I was going through some old photos and found me rocking pretty much this same outfit in 2005 in an Opera we set in the 50's. The costume I wore was all my own clothes and I dyed my hair black and had terrible bangs. Dear almost 18 year old Ashley, life gets better. Promise. Also, your cheeks will thin out and you will not look like a chipmunk forever.

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  1. WOW!!! I love how vintage you look. And I really missed reading your posts... glad I took time to stop by tonight. Love your note to your 18yr old self :)