November 1, 2012

All Hallow's Eve

Happy November!!

Chelsea as Sarah Jane Smith and Delaney as Amy Pond with Silence Tally Marks

I got festive in my school colours. And only gave one piece of candy to the kid who came to the door with a Duck's sweatshirt on.

Eric was the Ginger Bread Man.
This is Eric's thing. He does a costume like this every year. Here's 2010's, and 2009's "Sheet with Two Holes Costume"...

Fraser went as a Slenderman. Which he is actually terrified of. Fraser sometimes stays up really late playing video games and then he goes down stairs to get a glass of water and my mom jumps out to startle him and he thinks she's a Slenderman and he starts bawling. But don't tell him I told you about that... (also, every single piece here is his own clothes (except for the tights obviously))

Grace was Merida from Brave
For obvious reasons. She actually IS real life Merida.
When I asked to pose sassy this is what I got.
My mom spent about three days making this costume. The blouse is separate from the dress and actually laces up the back. The fabric is also actually green, but every photo I took made it looked blue. My mom made the belt too, the arrow and quiver were found at an estate sale and the bow is actually one the kids use for Archery. (My siblings know how to fence, shoot rifles, and archery. If a psychopath ever came after one of them, I'd fear for the psychopath.)

So I planned on making a dress to wear. It was going to be wonderful and epic, and fantastic and magical. It turned out to be a major pain in the arse and I'm still not quite ready to start speaking to it again. I've already ripped so many seams... That's what happens when you try to rush a project. Lesson learned.  So Instead of some pictures of my dress I shall show you a few snaps of the kid's costumes and our low-key evening. I was the official candy hander-outer and I actually woke up sore! Between climbing in our under-the-stairs storage to get out candy buckets, to bending down to give the approximately 500 little kids their candy.. jeeze, what a workout. (And we seriously had SO MANY kids in our neighbourhood! My mom kept joking about people busing in kids, but I am pretty sure that was real life. I am so candied-out today. I think I ate my weights worth in Almond Joys and flavoured tootsie rolls!

This is a tradition in our house on Hallowe'en. Poor man's goulash and baked pumpkins. So yummy (we have basmanti rice with it too)! Poor Man's Goulash is (my name for) ground beef, tomatoe sauce, veggies and seasonings. Super easy, super delish!

The boys had their friends over for Trick'o'Treating. This photo happened.

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  1. Your siblings crack me up! Especially Eric with his random comments ;-p