November 13, 2012


IKEA has the prettiest Christmas collection this year! I am in love with the music motif. these cups came home with me.

As did this canopy for my bed. Grace now calls it the Princess Bed.

While helping Bri out for the run, we got to hang out in this beautiful old abandoned building. There were all kinds of dark narrow passageways, and even a dance studio in the back of the building. We all decided to just live there.

And Grace took my picture. This was the least blurry!
(In case you're wondering:
Jacket- Walmart of all places
Dress- made by me
Belt & Shoes- Thrifted)

Can you believe that the election was only a week ago? The cupcake shop downtown had these and I thought they were incredibly ironic and accidentally metaphorical: Plain Vanilla, exactly the same, but packaged differently... It made me chuckle.

I decided on the Pumpkin Pie cupcake. the cake was filled with whipped cream. I died a little.
Edible glitter guys, edible glitter.

Singing at the Start Line. Being pretty much the only person not in a track suit. This is actually a terrible picture, but it's the only one I got. Fun fact: that flat bed next to me was supposed to be the stage. There were no stairs, and I couldn't get up it in my heels. So I sang on the street. Someday when I am a famous musician, I'll laugh about this.
(Again, for the curious:
Cardigan & Belt- Target
Dress & Shoes- Thrifted
Tights- Kmart (the Joe Boxer tights there are $6 and SUPER great!!)
Headband- Joann dollar bin)

Lauren came to volunteer too!! And I looked like a psychopath! We had a marvellous time checking out Mr. Perfect-Hair-After-Running-A-5K-and-a-10K. Seriously though, it was perfect.

I got my first red cup of the season! Mmmm Peppermint Mocha.

Finally seeing things i packed away 14 months ago. Hello my stuff!

Last week I got this nasty stomach virus that is going around (everyone in my house got it, and we were all miserable!), which turned into a head cold, which turned into tonsillitis/jaw infection for me. It was fun. It didn't help that it was a particularly busy week! Bri is the events coordinator for the Mission Inn Museum and they held their 35th annual run this past Sunday (The Mission Inn is one of my favourite things in Riverside!). It is a huge event so this week we all chipped into to help her out. We moved boxes, filled swag bags, and then volunteered at the event itself. I sang the National Anthem at the start of the race (at 7bloodyAM), then worked the awards booth (man, runners are really into being a pain in the ass about getting their awards), then cleaned four city blocks worth of trash (I am seriously not joking about that.). We moved what felt like thousands of boxes of water and fruit and were just super pooped by the end of it all! It was a great event, and aside from a few minor things, a great day! But man, I'm still tired. Of course on top of that my mom and I decided to clean out and re-arrange our storage unit yesterday (did I mention that she broke her toe during all this?!). It's been crazy! This week will be a little less insane, so I'm hoping to get caught up on blog posts! but for now here is an Instagram peek at all the excitement. You can follow me on Instagram @yammeringmuse. 


  1. I had such a great day with you! Yay for Perfect hair boy!