December 12, 2012

Mustard Buttercup

I made a hat. GUYSIMADEAHAT!!! I followed a knitting pattern! I FINISHED a knitting pattern! And in two days! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH MYSELF!!!

Okay. Now that's over.

Ever since I first saw Sarai's pattern for her Buttercup Beret I have wanted my own. Normally when it comes to learning a new crafting skill I dive in and make a ton of mistakes, but keep swimming along until I finish. But knitting patterns freak me out. I mean, even now I'm still a little spooked by them. BUT! I finally jumped in on this one using a lovely mustard wool/acrylic blend yarn by Lions Brand. And I'll be honest, once I got the hand of it, it wasn't too awful. Granted I am sure that a skilled knitter would shriek in horror at my work, but I stubbornly continued on until I finally had a hat that I had knit all by my big girl self.  Despite how wonky some of my stitches are, and the many, many, many, mistakes I made I am pretty happy with this little cap.

I was having a weird face day. Ignore it, look at the hat.

I tend to think of Mustard as a neutral so this has been in heavy rotation since it's completion! It matches everything! I have already started on another one!


  1. congrats on finishing your hat!! I really love the color and it looks super cute on you!

    1. Thank you!! I have such a crush on mustard! I just found some wool at a thrift store that I'm hoping to whip into a dress for next winter!