February 11, 2013


I've been on a bit of an un-official blog break, which I suppose is now official, for no reason other than I haven't much to post about. I wear clothes, but never have a chance to photograph them, and my sewing space is a mess. But I did just get back from a whirlwind trip to Arizona to celebrate my Nana and Papa's 50th wedding anniversary as well as my cousin's bridal shower. It was a really nice weekend.

Arizona is probably my least favourite place in the world. I know that some people like it, but I find all the brown (why do all the buildings match the dirt?) so depressing, and crossing the boarder is pretty mind-blowing as far as greenery. I love green, I love forests, and mud and rain, and toadstools, and leaves, and moss. The desert has never been a place I have found terribly exciting or inspiring- even though I've lived in the desert for 24 of my 25 years. I don't think deserts will ever be a place I crave or long for, but I guess as I age I've come to realize that beauty is in all things if we choose to look or it.

There's no betrayal in admitting that the desert can be beautiful too. It may not be the kind I seek out, but do I really want to be the type of person who refuses to recognize the value in whatever is before me? No I don't. Yes it will always be CA > AZ for me (and OR > CA). When I walk outside I will curse the big glowing orb in the sky. I'll triple layer the sun block on. I'll probably complain about being too hot. But I cannot deny that the desert, both here and there, holds an incredible beauty that should be appreciated. A location doesn't taint the majesty of a sunset.

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