April 28, 2013

What's In My Bag

Liberty of London for Target from a few years ago. Still a favourite!

My bag is pretty much a black hole where things go to be lost. Sometimes I clean it out. Sometimes.
Top L-R: Keys with an awesome stag keychain I thrifted, Phone, Wallet (that matches!), Allergy Pill (why does everyone have a cat?), Moleskin, Green notebook Charissa gave me, Vintage sunglasses case for pens and pencils.
Middle L-R: Makeup Bag from Target, Lotion from Jessica, Norwegian Formula lotion for when the Santa Anas hit, Xylitol gum, Blotting pads, always bobby pins, EOS chapsticks (there's actually one from my collection missing...), Nail polish which I have no idea why it is there, Brush/Mirror, ancient Carmex, homemade lip balm from a goodie bag I got for judging 4H Fashion Revue, Mint chapstick (the best!), Peppermint chapstick, glittery lip gloss from Gracie, a cute carrier for feminine products.
Bottom L-R: headphones, hand sanitizer, the red lipsticks that don't fit in my makeup bag (which is mostly made up of red lipsticks...).

All that and my camera fit comfortably, which basically makes this the perfect bag.

What's in your bag?

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