May 6, 2013


1. 4H Fashion Revue Judging! Long but fun day! 2. Michael bought a new toy. Fred is the "new" 80's Yamaha mixer that is seriously amazing. 3. I wore leggings as pants and wrote a passive aggressive note to the opposing attorney for parking in my spot. 4. Conflicted feelings over maxi skirts. 5. Early Cinco de Mayo with Mexican sprite and enchiladas. 6. Making do with small spaces and setting up a split recording studio means chilling in my sister's bedroom. 7. A gloomy beach. My favourite. 8. The lighthouse at the Oceanside harbour village. 9. Why were these on my hand? 10. 1am? Can't sleep? Need to be up early the next morning? Do your hair and makeup! 11. So somehow I ended up in a real life recording studio with real live musicians and it was terrifying. 12. I had to go to Palm Springs for work this past week. My bestie works in Palm Springs and I ran into her on our way home! I also made it there in record time! 13. This might be why I made it there in record time. I was watching the road... 14. Home made Tahini for Hummus (top) and Homemade Almond Butter! Tonight I shall begin to make the hummus! 15. Fraser and I had a late lunch date. We talked about Russia and North Korea. Or rather he told me about all the documentaries he watches on them... 16. The last First Sundays until September! Grace got soaked in the fountain and then ran all over the street mall with the kite she made leaving little wet footprints behind. Then we got cupcakes. It was a good day.

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