May 20, 2013


1. Probably the last of our rainy days until late Autumn :-(. 2. Latergram Outfit. 3 & 4. Sneak Peek at Wednesday's post. 5. Chelsea being adorable. 6. Carlsbad beach. 7. Gracie in her Fashion Revue outfit. She made the skirt!. 8. Mother's Day car troubles. 9.Final Set List from our gig. 10. Gig! It went great! 11. Yes. That is an empty box of gross beer on Bri's head. Late Night rehearsals... 12. Collapsing on the floor of the auditorium after Judging 4H South Sectionals all day! Apparently many of the mom's gave me dirty looks. Only because I did what they all wanted to first.

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